Retire at Chiang Mai on 550 USD per month only is the # 1 Authority on retiring to Chiang Mai.

Our comprehensive advice on retiring to Thailand will save you time and money and give you the peace of mind that everything was done properly.

Our Chiang Mai real estate listing features accommodations which are viewed personally by our staff, presented to our clients via e-mail and booked for clients who will be either vacationing or retiring in Chiang Mai. is our tour operator and they look after part day, full day and weekly private and Chiang Mai group tours for our clients.

"Welcome to Chiang Mai, the second largest city in Thailand that is home to thousands of contented retiree's from around the globe."

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RETIRING TO THAILAND- Best Advice and Accommodations!!!

Chiang Mai is the most popular retirement destination in all of South East Asia, and is paving the way for people to retire comfortably to Chiang Mai.

We cover off all Thai visa options including the retirement visa and show you ways to save money on Thailand cost of living that no one else even mentions. thanks you for visiting our website and enabling our Thailand retirement service, the first and most comprehensive to be selected:

The #1 source for retirement accommodations in Chiang Mai and in Thailand.
The # 1 authority on retirement to Chiang Mai, Thailand.

What makes us # 1?

We are the only service specializing in accommodations for retiree's.

LISTING for Retiree's
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You can come here and stay in a pricey hotel and you can pay for a taxi to drive you around town and spend a week of your time looking for accommodations on your own and with a real estate agent who speaks some English and cares little about what you want and need


you can come here to Chiang Mai condo accommodations you selected and approved in advance based on your needs and budget. Our Thai accommodations lady will pick you up at the train station or airport and transfer you to your accommodations. Your fridge will be stocked with juices and bottled water and your kitchenette will have bread, jams, oatmeal and snacks included.

Day one you can start to enjoy the city in accommodations that are larger than a hotel room, cost far less than a hotel room and that offer you more such as kitchenette with fridge and microwave, wireless internet, balcony, and larger tv. If you want a snack or a chilled refreshment no need to call room service.

We work directly with owners and offer the "Best Value" short and long term condo rentals to our clients as well as house rentals, villas, and budget rentals.

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A personalized service designed for each individual client. You settle in quickly and start enjoying your stay here in accommodations that have what you need and want. And you save time and money in the process.

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if you want to inquire about our retirement and accommodations services.

Our Newest Feature - Chiang Mai Video's

Video's of nightlife, bars, entertainment, tours, Thai ladies and much more..

Our video's are short but include commentary that is meant to make our website visitors more knowlegeable and to make their stay be it short or long term a more enjoyable one.

Find out the best places to go, visit and things to do and find out why..

Proud to announce that our retirement accommodations service has been rated #1 for Chiang Mai and Thailand.

All of our accommodations listings are inspected by our staff and most listings photographed by our staff.

We have all types of accommodations in Chiang Mai whether you prefer budget or luxury accommodations, or whether you prefer require short or long term accommodations. Just let us know what you require, where and for long and we will provide you a full description and photo's of the accommodations that fit your budget and meets your needs.

Retire-on-550-month deals directly with owners of properties. For our clients we offer personalized service from airport pickup, client pre-selected and approved accommodations waiting and ready for them as well as customized tour packages by way of

Just e-mail - us with your accommodation requirements

Hotel rooms are often 25-30 sq.m. in size and do not offer kitchenettes with microwaves and fridges or even a balcony.

You can select from:
45 sq.m. condo with kitchenette, large fridge, tv, balcony and free transfers. Pool and fitness centre are site and largest city mall is within short walking distance.

Condo in Chiang Mai
Condo in Chiang Mai
Condo in Chiang Mai

88 sq.m. 1 bedroom and 1 study, pool and fitness and sauna on site and great location only a few minutes from Night Bazaar and Loi Kroh rd.

Marcus Condo
Marcus Condo
Marcus Condo

Our short term rental rates are 25% - 55% Less than hotel rates yet you get Larger, Better, and a Great Location. No joiner fees, and transfers are included.

The only conditions in our offer are that you book in advance, provide a deposit so that we can hold the room for you and that you stay a minimum of 7 nights. That is it.

Find out why our short term rentals have over a 90% occupancy rate and why our clients re-book accommodations with us on return visits to Chiang Mai.

If you are staying longer term we would recommend a condo at the outset and one that is in an excellent location. Once you get accustomed to the city then location is not as important and you can get better value by moving out from the touristy area.

Give us 1 month advance notice of your arrival and we will offer you accommodations that have everything you want and need .. and in your price range.

A condo will be about 75% LESS than the cost of a hotel room.

We have accommodations that include budget apartments which are less than $150 U.S. a month for an apartment which is larger than a hotel room, with TV, A/C, furnished with balcony. Just pick up some bed linens, towels and pillows. And that price includes power, water, cable TV and internet.

At the other end of the scale we have luxury houses, villa's with and without pool.

For anyone interested in purchasing a house or renting a house long term we have excellent properties that are priced much lower than you would expect.

Simply click on this link for photo's, full descriptions and prices of many properties which we consider to be the best available properties in all of Chiang Mai.

Just e-mail - us with your accommodation requirements

We have been selected the No. 1 authority and service in regards to Retiree accommodations for Thailand.

Retire on 650 month

Our Retire services have expanded to include Siem Reap, Cambodia..

Chiang Mai, Thailand is the most popular retirement destination in S.E. Asia followed by Siem Reap, Cambodia and we are not currently recommending Cebu, Philippines.

So far ALL of our clients who have visited Siem Reap for the first time  have all decided to retire there. From Siem Reap it is easy to go to Chiang Mai, Thailand but not a single one after a few days in Siem Reap has wanted to do this.

That tells us that they all like it in Siem Reap.

Retire on 750 month

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Newly refurbished spacious
1 bedroom condo
42 in tv, tastefully decorated and fully equipped
Excellent location and owner eager to rent

Studio with 32 in lcd tv, dvd player, kitchenette in great location


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