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When you find a nice Thai lady to share your life with you want the relationship to endure. 

It takes some effort and it costs some money to find the right lady that makes you happy and life worth living and best to understand the process of what makes Thai women happy and with farangs longterm and what could end the relationship and you should avoid. 

Helpful pointers in keeping relationships with Thai girlfriends intact:

 Have a "good heart". Help out her family if someone is ill or if they need financial assistance.

 Do not yell or raise your voice to your girlfriend or wife in public.

 Provide some financial security for your girlfriend or wife in case something happens to you. This could be in the form of a house, car or a bank account with some money that she can use should something happen to you. 

 Don't cheat on her. If you want to visit a few bars peridically then discuss that with her and that may be fine with her if explained in advance. 

 Thai people are very family oriented and be good to her family and children. 

 Do not drink to excess or too often. Thai women do not want to be living their lives with an alcoholic boyfriend or husband. 

 Treat your Thai girlfriend like a lady no matter if you met her at restaurant, or a bar. She did not work in a bar, or a masseuse because she enjoyed that type of life but because she could earn more for herself and her family. 

 Thai food is delicious and healthier than North American food and you should try to experience as many different dishes as you can. You may be pleasantly surprised. 

 Thai people do not express their feelings for each other openly. So kissing or hugging in public should be avoided. 

 Learn a few Thai words and phrases early on in the relationship especially "very delicious" 

These are some pointers to follow that will help keep your relationship together. If anything I see language or communications as a potential problem. 

You need not know how to speak Thai to live in Thailand but there are definately times when not knowing Thai or your g/f not understanding English can create probelms in the relationship. 

So I would suggest exercising patience when you are communicating in your daily lives. There have been a number of times that I have been short tempered and tried to restrain myself as best I could as a result of not understanding what my g/f was trying to say. 

Often after the fact I told myself to keep cool that in every one of these instances that the Thai g/f was right and I did not understand. If I had lost my temper I could have caused some damage to our relationship. 

At times the g/f will get mixed up in currencies and ask for x amount of baht. Then you find out she meant xx baht which was considerably less. She mixed up the hundred and thousand denominations. 

Thai women are hardworking and honest. I can keep my money out in the open and she will not touch it. If anything a good Thai woman will save you much more than you imagined and leave you asking yourself why you did not move to Thailand earlier. 

Finding a nice Thai lady takes a little bit of effort and keeping her takes a bit of effort and thought also. 
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