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We will move on to activities which are more suited to teenagers and adults.
After a filling breakfast for those of you who enjoy to cook we would suggest a day at a cooking school here in Chiang Mai. It would be a learning experience where you would learn to cook Thai dishes and then have the pleasure of dining on one?s own cooking.

Learning to cook a variety of tantalizing Thai dishes and mouth watering deserts and receive a complimentary color Thai cookbook with with Thai recipes so you can go back home and impress your friends.

After that you will need some exercise so we would recommend a shopping extravaganza at the Night Bazaar. Here we have hundreds of vendors selling you anything and everything you may want at prices which you negotiate. Try to be fair. The prices are reasonable to start with and you will get a better deal. Try to leave something for the person working in the store as commission as they are probably not the owners.

There are wonderful outdoor restaurants in the Night Bazaar area in case your exercise increased your appetite. We have our favorites and would recommend these to our clients.
Another day passes and yet there is more to do. Sightseeing is next on the agenda.

Tourists flock to the many Buddhist temples within the city of Chiang Mai and also to the famous temple at Doi Suthep mountain about a 20 minute drive from the city. As many of the visitors to these temples are foreigners signs in English are common.

Buddhist temple within the city which is part of our tour. 
The old city of Chiang Mai has a man made float surrounding it. It is a beautiful and calming view particularly in the evenings with water shooting upwards towards the sky from the many fountains situated in the moat which is bright with colored lights fixed in their direction. Large trees and beautiful flowers line the moat.

You can see for yourself that is a beautiful sight and that the whole area is kept in immaculate condition.
Photo taken about 2 minute walk from one of the largest mall?s in the city. 
There are so many things to do in Chiang Mai through the year that we cannot even begin to list them all. A few of the more popular are ?Songkran?, a festival during Thai New Year famous for young and old throwing water at each other from the sides of the streets and often from moving pickup trucks with a large water container in the back of the truck with 4-8 people standing with water pistols or just small plastic containers.

Another popular festival is the Flower Festival. When we attended there were about 20-30 floats beautifully decorated with fresh locally grown flowers. During all of these festivals food vendors are virtually everywhere providing you a sampling of the many foods, desserts, and snacks that everyone loves. There were musical groups performing in the park in the evening and many people lay on blankets or rented mats on the grass.

Photo of some of the locally grown flowers. 
Chiang Mai has a it?s inhabitants living in all types of structures. A few people live in shacks on vacant land, 2-4 level townhouses are common as are single story houses. Tourists staying longer term prefer the condo?s, serviced apartments, and hotels which afford them easy access to the mall?s, restaurants and transportation.

On the outskirts of the city you will find ?Moo Bahn?s?. These are housing developments with between 100-500 homes similarly constructed with nice roads, possibly their own swimming pool and restaurant. Security guards are evident at the entranceways. The cost of these homes is expensive for Thai?s but may be viewed as very reasonable for someone from outside of Thailand.

Most of the houses in this development look similar but not identical to the one. Beautiful home, with manicured grounds. We take our clients to several Moo Bahn?s so they can see the housing that is available. We have another picture of a home that is much larger which sits on a property 8 times the size of this property but the house was SOOO Big that it ?s picture didn?t even fit on to this page. Ha Ha.

Here I am in front of gorgeous home in a Moo Bahn. 
This is one of the two Central Mall?s that are in Chiang Mai. They are both very large in size offering grocery shopping, many restaurants as well theatres, banks and much more. This one has an ice skating rink inside. You can see in the photo Pizza, Sizzler, KFC. Yes the fat, I mean the fast foods have come here also. 
Central Kad Suan Keaw Mall near the NW corner of the moat. Some of our accommodations are within walking distance of this mall. 

These are but a few of the many things to do in and around Chiang Mai.

Visit the hill tribe people, go trekking and rafting and on an elephant ride, visit the hot springs and cook up some hard boiled eggs. A must is the shopping where bargains surround you everywhere you look. Quality merchandise priced at sale prices. 

This is a city that has more than it?s share of good golf courses. Many fine restaurants that will serve up Western or Thai foods and where you can sit back and enjoy a freshly made chilled fruit juice, beer or wine by a river view in an open aired covered restaurant with a pleasant soft breeze where tantalizing dishes will have you wanting to return nightly for the food and music performed by groups which copy the original artists to perfection.

I need not say any more. A city that has tourists flocking here in the hundreds of thousands annually. A city that has compelled thousands of foreigners to move here in retirement. A city named ?Rose of the North?. 

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