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There are a multitude of activities here for all age groups. We have listed but a few which each age group would enjoy. 

What would I want to do and where would I go if I was a youngster living here? 

For starters I would want to go to the Chiang Mai zoo. It is set on a hillside. So bring a bottle of water, and comfortable shoes. Visit early in the morning as it is cooler and select a snack or two from the local vendors.

Top off the experience with a visit to the gift shop located near the entrance and if you brought a youngster with you buy them a Panda Bear and they will treasure it. 

Here we have a photo opportunity for children with fish background at the zoo 

Next as a youngster I would want to go to the reservoir which is but a short 20 minute drive from the zoo where I can play with an inner tube in the water while my parents lay near the water in comfort in a tent like setting enjoying refreshments. When I am finished playing in the water we can all enjoy a freshly cooked meal.

Unfortunately we do not have any photo's to share with you from the reservoir. We were at Patong at the time of the tsunami and our Sony was left in our room. The Kodak that we purchased as a replacement has not even lasted us a year.

By the way the hotel we stayed at in Patong was more than $100 US a night and after staying there for a week and then sending them 6-8 e-mails inquiring if the clothes left in our room could be cleaned and returned and inquiring about our personal possession one of which was a Sony camera the reply we received after about 6 weeks was short and basically informing us that our items were not insured or simply put Tough Luck You Suckers. 

We had written to our hotel and their sister hotel also which was undamaged and a mere 1 hour drive away. I won?t mention their name but they are in PATONG and MERLIN the magician was not required to attempt to clean our clothes or to give us a more understanding reply.

Right next door to the Central Mall (NW corner of moat) is an amusement park. Rides for the children, small motorized vehicles for those that are a bit older, games and cotton candy.

Here are several children at the amusement park. 
Following the reservoir which will leave one relaxed and having one's fill of delicious fresh food and fruits would be return to one's accommodations. Freshen up and take the family to Central Mall which is within walking distance of condo's we manage. Shopping for bargains inside the air conditioned mall with many restaurants to choose from and arcade for the kids inside the mall. 

There are restaurants inside either Thai or KFC, Sizzler, Pizza to name a few. Restaurants with entertainment are nearby within walking distance.

The day comes to a close and everyone has enjoyed themselves and looks forward to another day.

After breakfast we go to a sports complex that is virtually unknown to tourists. The complex houses a large swimming pool, a children?s wading pool, change rooms, refreshments by the side of the pool area, badminton courts, tennis courts, squash, Thai massage, snooker, and a restaurant. Entry to the pool is only 40 baht or $1 US for adults and half that for children. During weekdays the pool may be 3-4 people using the pool. It gives you the feeling that it is your own private pool. On weekends the children will be the main ones using the pool.

There are other swimming pools in the city. This one is one least expensive at only $1US and one of the least inhabited. This is one of the places where we take clients who have signed up for our vacation packages. Here and then a fantasticAll You Can Eat Buffet.
This photo was taken in front of the adult pool. The children?s pool is a on her left side out of the photo.

The main building is on the left side of the photo. The tennis courts and behind the pool, squash in a separate building opposite the pool and badminton in a building that is behind where I am taking the photo from. 

So you can see that there are activities for all ages. Here we showed you but a few activities which would be popular with the young ones and which the parents accompanying the children would also find enjoyable.

During the year there are festivals about every month such as Songkran which is a hit with just about everyone and Flower festivals and during these festivals there are normally more tourists visiting and more people out of the streets. 

Vendors everywhere selling cooked foods in street stalls and it is all cheap and delicious. 

One day the street is empty and the following night during a festival the street is closed for traffic and walking down the street takes time as it is full of people. 

Never a shortage of things to do here in the city or outside of the city for young or old or couples or retiree's. Bring your camera or camcorder and share your experiences with family and friends. 

In Canada the parking alone for an even of this type would be $15 and then you get gauged by food vendors who want $3 for a small chilled bottle of water. 

Here the parking is free and you can have declious food and fruits and drinks and enjoy yourself for less than the cost of the parking at events in Canada. 

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