Retire at Chiang Mai on 550 USD per month only

Retiring to Thailand and accumulating all the information one needs to to make an informed decision as to whether to retire here is a time consuming one. There are many sources of information via the internet and one has to read information from differnet sites and then base decisions and judgements on the information one has read.

When the Retire-on-550-month site was created the goal was to educate people about Chiang Mai, Thailand and provide information about retiring here and also assistance and advice in making the move. Many pages of content were added on topics which we felt were relevant and which would assist our website visitors. We have done our best to become the best source of information about retiring in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

There are other sources of information and we ask our website visitors not to rely on just one source.

One website that is referred to for information about Thailand is We will provide our review of this website for the benefit of our website visitors and you can go to the forums and judge for yourself if the information is reliable or if is a scam and providing opinions that vary without provide accurate information which is the reason most people go to the website in the first place.

We found that the website offered varying opinions in many cases and although one may find the information they are looking for they may also find opinions and information that is inaccurate, incorrect and without merit. Half of the members who posted were immature men who know more about bars then they do about living here and about half of the members appeared to be honestly interested in trying to provide helpful advice to others.

Our dealings with were amicable until we discovered that on one of their forums that comments were made about our website by several non clients who thought that living here on $550 US a month was not feasible. Rather than say that .. in those words.. they called our website a scam. And this is without using our services or even referring to any information or content.

Not only have we detailed our cost of living calculations on our Cost of Living page but we have read comments on that same website by singles and couples who are retired here and happily and comfortably on less than $550 US a month and say that it is indeed possible and that they are doing it.

Unfortunately opinionated forum members who are not even retired but who are drinking regularly and paying bar fines find living here on less than even $2,000 US difficult if not impossible. Our website is called "" and not Party it up and spend money recklessly at 25 years of age.

We do not have a single negative comment by a single Retire-on-550 client posted anywhere and many satisfied clients with numerous compliments from website visitors about our website being the most honest and informative about retiring to Thailand and Chiang Mai.

So when we saw the forum comments on in a search for .. "Reviews on Retire on 550" we noticed that the Google results had the forum comments showing negative unsubstantiated comments prominently on page 1 of our search result. Now if we were prospective clients we would be concerned after seeing that reference post without any details. And as owners of Retire-on-550 we are very upset with ThaiVisa as for over 2 years that forum reference has been in place.

Thus and their forum which is moderated and all forum comments approved by ThaiVisa staff have allowed forum postings.. more than one.. which are clearly defamatory and where the members could be sued in a court of law to remain on their website. In fact by doing so have opened themselves up to a court case also with severe penalties.

In their own defense they say they are not responsible for forum postings and make out as if they are not moderated.

Here is a video where a person in authority and representing and able to read off the history of the site, his knowledge of the ownership change and also detailed website statistics and he says..



in the last minute of the video.

Watch last minute of this video <---- just click here

And we have further proof to the fact that their forum is moderated and that forum comments are indeed approved by ThaiVisa staff.

So that leads us to the question of Why ???

Why would a moderated forum allow unsubstantiated defamatory comments to be posted without merit by forum members knowing them to be false?

Although our relations with were cordial and we have never done a single thing to tarnish their image they must view us as competitors. And realizing the posting would hurt our business, reputation and image that it may keep them in a dominant position as an informative Thailand retirement website.

We have done our best to help people retire to Chiang Mai, Thailand and offer a complete service and information and assistance that no one will offer. And we do not deserve to have our name defamed intentionally by a competitor.

The website staff did not remove the content which remains on Google page 1 search results for "Reviews of Retire on 550" and neither have they warned their members of their illegal postings for which they can be sued and to offer us any apology on behalf of their site or action to restore our image which they have damaged. Why? It leads us to believe that this is all intentional and they thought they could get away with it.

Only after repeated requests did relent and remove the postings that were clearly defamatory against our website and which their moderators allowed to be posted by their members.

Well, you have not got away with it.

Your inaction and involvement in these defamatory postings have led us to do some research about your site.


First of all the website does not provide a mailing address, telephone number or name(s) of their owners. We wondered why as this is very, very unusual for a website to keep this information hidden. ..


Appears that a person calling himself "George B. Adams" is referenced as the owner and even people representing themselves as ThaiVisa staff refer to him as George. From our research we read that this name is an alias as there is no person by this name at in an ownership position. We have read that the person who took over in 2004 was an Aussie who built up and made it successful. There are reasons why someone who would hide behind an alias and if you read the articles below you may find that one or more articles may in fact have found the reason(s).

This is based on information we have read on the internet.

The research we did on did not come up with any articles praising the website or owners but did come up with comments and opinions that were highly negative and this is a sample of reviews of

Another article with information about the owner of

We have neither received an apology from ThaiVisa or retraction or the comments posted in their forum, nor have they contacted the forum members to alert them that they are subject to defamations lawsuit as is ThaiVisa for allowing the forum article.

If action was taken to remedy the forum post then we would view it postively and perhaps it was accidental. But in light that nothing has been done by ThaiVisa to restore our reputation which is damaged then we can only view it as a Deliberate attempt by their own staff to negatively affect our business and reputation.

Before the defamatory comments were noticed on the website we referenced the site for information on ocassion and at times found what we were looking for and at times found useful opinionated garbage posted by people with little to do in life.

Now that we have done some investigative research into we can hold our heads up high and ask.. Can we agree that ThaiVisa is basically a scam?

Your comments are welcome as is your support by contacting ( for an explanation as how they post defamatory unsupported postings knowing them to be false about a fellow website also offering advice and assistance to website visitors who are interested in Thailand.

Thank you for you support !!!!

Additional articles about ""
and owner alias "George B. Adams."

Article with information about the owner of

You will note Thaivisa has no tel contact details, no office contact on their website so maybe "George" does not even have a company or work permit....... Thai Visa was Lars Janssons business before he got kicked out of Thailand??? & most comments come from bored foreigners who have nothing to do except be critical --- without copying news from other Newsmedia the site would be zero???

From : Somchai - [ 04-10-2008 04:56:52]

A comment made on again re-affirming our suspicions and also noting that most comments are from bored foreigners and we tend to agree. Some good forum members and many members with nothing to do except opinions on topics with which they have little knowledge.

THAIVISA.COM READ THIS !! : Webboard Pattaya daily news - 7 Aug

Very Interesting of Thaivisa operation here. Stop trying to attack us, .... You'd think these reporters/writers would review the crap that they write. ... - Cached - Similar

Article written by author and investigative reporter residing in Thailand long term

Thai Girl, 20 April 2009 07:56
Yes, an excellent summary.
I agree the comment about thaivisa. If you post an enquiry about UK visas all you get is abuse. There seem to be some self-styled experts on the forum who are outraged if you seem to have some knowlege of the system.

Andrew Hicks

Comments on

"Common gripes are that the moderators are too severe, freedom of speech is suppressed, certain ?inoffensive? topics are deemed off-limits, controversial or critical threads locked, poor advice is handed out willy-nilly. Members are accused of spending much of the time bickering amongst themselves, or insulting not only new members, but also Thailand, Thais and the Thai way of life."

And we agree wholeheartedly!!!



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