Retire at Chiang Mai on 550 USD per month only
Of all the ways to earn money in Chiang Mai Teaching English is of most interest to our clients who intend to retire here. Our clients either want the additional income that teaching would bring be it part time or full time or they want something to do in their spare time that is interesting and rewarding be it financially or personal satisfaction in helping charitable institutions or schools.

Some of the individuals we have met are accredited teachers with credentials and experience to back it up while some individuals are interested in acquiring the experience and necessary credentials to give them something to do while they live here and often to earn money.

If you do not have the teaching experience or qualifications you should seriously consider acquiring both at SEE - Siam Educational Experience School here in Chiang Mai. Offerings by the Language Institute include the following:

Accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS)
Certified ISO 9001:2008 by Bureau Veritas
Licenced by the Thai Ministry of Education

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86/2 Kaewnawarat Rd.
T. Watkate, A. Muang
Chiang Mai, 50000, Thailand
By e-mail

Office Telephone
+66 53 266295/6 (outside Thailand)
(053) 266295/6 (within Thailand)

1-Year Thai Visa
Free 1-year non-immigrant Thai visa support

Non-immigrant visas allow foreigners to:

* Live in Thailand indefinitely
* Obtain work permits
* Purchase condominiums, cars and motorbikes
* Open Thai bank accounts

The managing company of SEE TEFL provides administration and sponsor documents to support non-immigrant visa applications for participants of our programs. There is no financial requirement other than the visa fee.

TEFL Certification: 1-year multiple-entry non-immigrant B (Business) for teachers
Volunteer Option: 1-year multiple-entry non-immigrant O (Volunteer) for volunteers with the DSS Foundation

Study Thai: 1-year multiple-entry non-immigrant ED (Education) for students studying Thai for one full year

CMU is definitely NOT RECOMMENDED: email us for full details

What we would suggest for someone who wants to come here and teach is to enrol in the TEFL program at SEE TEFL and to do it properly so that you get the required credentials and teaching experience.

A small investment in terms of price and time will yield a good return.

SEE TEFL is based in Chiang Mai and provides accredited TEFL certification which is internationally-recognized and also provides assistance in gaining teaching experience as well as Job Placement.

They make the application process easy and do more than other schools in terms of visa application and reporting.

The school is conveniently located in a low traffic part of the city. Premises were spotless and homey to where one feels comfortable being there and using their facilities. We observed several classroom sessions and students were attentive and enthusiastic. When the training session ended students looked very pleased and were enjoying themselves.

When we compare against other TEFL schools we find that their school location is more convenient, cost was less than competing schools, and that SEE did more in terms of getting long term visa approval and making the reporting process easier. Cost - Location - Long Term Visa and also a Job Guarantee "conditions apply" and Volunteer program make it the number one choice with us for our website visitors and retire clients who want TEFL international accreditation, and can followed by Volunteer program or part or full time work with a Job Guarantee "conditions apply" offered by the school. The school also has a Thai Language program and that also comes with a one year visa.

Once again our top choice as Teach English as Foreign Language schools in Chiang Mai and learning Thai is SEE - TEFL. Simply click on the above banner to visit their website. website visitors and clients are entitled to 20 free coffee's or tea's.

When signing up for any of their courses just send us an email and we will forward you a voucher for your choice of free coffee or tea with a value of 600 baht.

Upon successful completion of the TEFL course from SEE you can teach English anywhere in the world.

Megan (USA)

TestimalI was surprised at how much I enjoyed the class, honestly, and I?ll miss coming in every day.

EFLI had confidence in John as a trainer and really appreciated his style and approach to teaching?I would recommend SEE without hesitation ? although it?s not like I have anything to compare it to? I think it?s great value and it was definitely a great experience. Thanks!

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