Retire at Chiang Mai on 550 USD per month only

Many of our clients ask us to recommend the best tailor in Chiang Mai as they recognize that clothing prices are a super bargain here in Chiang Mai.

We have located the best custom tailors in Chiang Mai.

If you need a suit or several suits will save you more money, overcoats, leather jackets, shirts, ties, cufflinks for the man or a gorgeous silk dress for the lady, or casual dress for the lady or even bring in your wedding dress to have a nice evening dress made from the material.

Seems that clients from outside of Thailand recognize the fine quality of materials and excellent workmanship that Chiang Mai tailors offer and combine that with a price that is about 1/2 of what you would pay outside of Thailand.

It makes it a worthwhile proposition to come to Thailand to have a wedding dress made and save enough from the wedding dress to pay for a good portion of your vacation here.

Something else to make a note of is that ladies who have their wedding dresses safely tucked away may want to consider bringing the dress with them to Chiang Mai and having Fashion King design a nice evening dress out of the material.

In that way you are only paying for labor to create an additional evening dress for yourself and no one will know where the material came from.

Comparison of 4 star hotel room vs. our condo's
and you be the judge..

30 sq m 42 sq m (40% larger)
21" TV, no movies 32" TV, DVD player, surround sound
shower and maybe bathtub shower and bathtub
balcony - probably not your own private balcony
no kitchette kitchenette, m/wave, fridge
minifridge maybe stocked fridge
internet in room? FREE Hi speed internet
American breakfast - probably American breakfast for 2 - definately
Average price 2,718 baht Our price 1,250 bath

So here you have a great chance to add to your wardrobe whether you are a man or lady and do so at a very affordable price. Leave enough room in your luggage when you return home for your new attire.

Whether you need casual clothing, formal clothing from suits to tuxedo's, and even coats including leather jackets this is the place you should make your purchase.

Likely no taxes and no duty on your clothing as you return home. So an additional savings over and above what you would have been charged back home.

So if you want the best tailors in Chiang Mai simply email us and we will advise the our top recommendations. It does change and currently is not even the shop on this page.

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CONDO's for Retire-on-550 clients.. No Joiner Fees, Larger & Better Equiped than Hotel
Short term rentals - Include "FREE" Wifi, breakfasts daily, cable tv, stocked fridge, 3x./week full cleaning


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