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Should a relationship not be working out as planned with a Thai girlfriend it is far different than what you would have to deal with back home in North America for instance. 

In North America if you are married even less than a year if a marriage does not work out then the wife could be legally entitled to one half of all your possessions and net worth. 

Fair? I think not but it wasn't up to me to decide that one. A young, spoiled girl marries her boyfriend and she lacks the maturity to handle the ups and downs of everyday life and runs back to mamma and files for divorce. 

I saw this happen several times with a young lady that worked in our office in Canada. Married about 1-2 years and could not handle the fact that her boyfriend who as an electrician was busier in the summer months and may be out of work during the winter collecting unemployment insurance and ran back to good old mom. 

Her mother let her back into the house not once but twice. If her mother had any sense she would have told her daughter to return to her husband and work things out. 

In Thailand should you find a Thai girlfriend or Thai wife it should be far different. In Thailand foreigners are not allowed to own land or houses and only condo's with certain restrictions such as 50% or more ownership by Thai nationals. 

So if you buy a house you put into your girlfriend's name then she will be extremely happy and you would protect yourself by drafting up a 25 year rental agreement where you can rent the house from her for a nominal amount and re-new the rental after 25 years. So if things do not work out you can still reside in the house. 

As to ownership of cars I have heard that some farangs buy a car for their girlfriends so that they can do the shopping, they can travel together and so they do not get soaked during the rainy season. 

Or they can buy or rent out in the girlfriend's name and the girlfriend needs the farang to make the payments so they is unlikely to leave him. 

The foreigners that I see here with Thai gf and wives are happy and it is up to them to decide what to what to buy and how they want to handle the ownership. It does not appear to be much of a concern as the Thai-Farang relationships here are numerous. 

If a relationship with a Thai girlfriend does not work out then both parties move on and find someone else if they want. 

If a relationship with a Thai wife does not work out then you will not lose your assets and a large portion of your worth. You will only risk losing what you have put in so far if that. 

So a much safer financial situation then what you would experience back home in North America or in most countries worldwide. If you want to settle down here with a Thai girlfriend you will find that she will cost you some money in terms of food, entertainment, clothing and a few other costs and she will save you the equivelent or more in terms of costs by being able to negotiate better prices and making life more comfortable for you. 

And the proof is in the the fact that farangs continue to settle down here with Thai girlfriends and some marry their girlfriends and these relationships continue.
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For anyone considering Thailand for a wife or gf keep in mind that nearby Cambodia is much much better.


Less financial risk, lower cost, better selection of ladies.


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