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Chiang Mai is tranquil compared to Bangkok or Pattaya but it does offer soapie massages which have become popular with men visiting Thailand.

Our website wants to provide our visitors with information on topics that will be of interest to them. For your information the most common search when it comes down to Thailand is not vacation, holidays, Doi Suthep, or Thai foods or most words or phrases you would come up with. The most common search words when it comes down to Thailand is "soapie massage".

When it comes to Massage establishments that provide a bit more, or Massage & Men's clubs in Chiang Mai you will notice that they are not in the city centre but on the outskirts of the city but still within easy reach by red taxi or tuk tuk.

There are 5 Massage & Men's Clubs in Chiang Mai that provide soapie massages. Mention their names to any tuk tuk driver or taxi driver and an address or instructions on how to get there are NOT REQUIRED.

These establishments often offer a karaoke bar and restaurant on site. Normally on the main level is the commonly referrred to "fishbowl" where you select a lady.

If you arrive at a naughty massage or men's club by taxi the driver will escort you in and make sure the manager sees that he is brought in a customer as it is common for them to receive 500 - 800 baht or more for each customer they bring to the men's club (soapie) and less for the "naughtie massage".

So up to you if you want to arrive with a taxi driver or if you want to get out a block away and walk there and save yourself some money.


There are about 5 establishments in Chiang Mai offering "soapie massage" and Pandora and Sayuri are the favorites and best known of the group.

Sayuri is more popular than Pandora's and as they are close to each other.. about 3 minutes by red taxi or tuk tuk why not visit them both and have the taxi wait and decide which you prefer.

Taxi drivers will receive about 800 baht commission for each customer they bring in so that is the main reason many drivers will ask you if you want a massage when you pass by their vehicle.

Photo's and video of ladies inside is forbidden but we did take a video of the outside of Pandora's. Inside is a karaoke and fishbowl where you can select the ladies and rooms are upstairs.
Pandora Men Club

Usually there are between 10-20 ladies on the other side of the fishbowl .. window you can look thru.

You can order a drink and take your time in selecting the lady you prefer.

Escorts in Chiang Mai

If on the other hand you want the companionship of a nice Thai lady for dinner or entertainment
an English speaking Thai guide that can help you make your business appointments and enable you to make the best use of your time while you are here then we have our "Concierge Service" for you.

Due to numerous requests from professionals and gentlemen clients we have added this new service and it has to be booked in advance. Tell us if your preference..

Concierge or Companion

and when you are arriving and if you want us to assist with accommodations arrangements and if you require any tours and you will find yourself spoiled by the attention you receive.

No need to dine alone or sit at a table alone listening to live music or watching a show when you can have a personable Thai lady with you.

We currently have a lady that speaks Chinese and another lady that speaks Thai and English that are pleasant company and make your stay here more enjoyable.

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Pandora Club

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