Retire at Chiang Mai on 550 USD per month only

We understand that there are times that a cancellation or re-scheduling is required due to unforseen circumstances and we offer the following refunds to our clients.

Accommodations Refunds:

Refund of 50% of prepaid rental or rental booking deposit if notice by email is given by client 60+ days from rental commencement date.

Refund of 25% of prepaid rental or rental booking deposit if notice by email is given by client 30+ days from rental commencement date.

No refund of prepaid rental or rental booking deposit if notice by email is given by client less than 30 days from rental commencement date.

Retire Services Refunds:

Refund of 50% of Retire fee if notice by email is given by client and client has not received any email advice.

Services will be re-scheduled to an earlier or later date should client require to change arrival date.. at least 48 hr. notice is required for us to re-arrange staff scheduling. Please schedule your activities accordingly should this happen.

In November and December, 2008 Bangkok experienced political demonstrations which led to the closure of the two main airports and although this is a very rare ocurrence it happened. This inconvenienced many travellers to Thailand and we hope they understand that many Thai people lost earnings, sleep and some were hospitalized as a result of taking part in these demonstrations which for the most part were peaceful and were organized in the interest of all Thai people and Thailand.

Chiang Mai did not experience any disruptions in plane travel and life continued here through the demonstrations in Bangkok as if nothing out of the unsual was taking place.

**NOTE: manages condo's on behalf of owners and can set the term of rental and guarantee availability unless there are unforseen developments not under our control.

Where we have booked accommodations from owners who have not provided accommodations to us as agreed then we will do our best to find similar accommodations or better accommodations than what we offered at the same price to our client.

Some of the largest and best condo complexes have undergone or are undergoing refurbishing of entrance of condo's within the complex. At times there may be some noise as a result and often any refurbishing is done between 8 am and 5 pm or even 11 am and 5 pm.

Fees in respect to website design will be refunded 50% of deposits received if there is a delay of 45 days or more on part of the client in responding to our emails for information prior to the website being hosted. After the website has been hosted and domain name paid by us Retire-on-550-month has the option of taking ownership of the website where client has not paid for balance of our website design fee and who is not contributing to the success of the website. When this has occurred Retire-on-550-month has the option to takeover the website and turning over ownership to another interested client who is willing to pay for completion of the website.

Delays by client of 45 days for unforseen circumstances will be deemed acceptable and anything beyond 45 days puts us in a position of being able to recover our costs where domain name and hosting have been paid for the website in question and the website is up an running.

Where clients have indicated that they want us to proceed with website design and have not paid us a deposit we have the right to collect 50% deposit of the agreed upon fee from the client if there is a delay in obtaining our deposit from 45 days of our having started the project.


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