Retire at Chiang Mai on 550 USD per month only
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Houses for Rent and Sale Our Rental Tips | specialize in Chiang Mai accommodations for retiree's. We are the leaders in short term rentals of all types.

We have budget accommodations, economy accommodations, executive accommodations in Chiang Mai from apartments, condo's, house's villa's 
and even upscale guesthouses. 

Some of the real estate listings we have for sale and real estate listing that we have for in Chiang Mai are shown below. 

The best accommodations in Chiang Mai.. all at reasonable prices.

Featured Listing - Condo For Sale :

Condo's Short Term (1wk. min.) :

These condo's are much larger than a hotel room and offer more in terms of amenities including kitchenette with microwave and fridge, balcony, some have large TV's and sound systems and are priced much less than a 4 star hotel. 

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Condo's Long Term:

The properties we list are the best we can find and which will be suitable to retiree's with what they want and need.

Houses for Rent: 

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Houses, and Villa's for Sale:

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We get regular requests from visitors who tell us they want to buy a house here. Our reply is that you cannot own a house here in your name and only a condo you can purhase if it meets the ownership regulations.

So why do we show a house for sale on our website? Well, actually many farangs come here and meet a nice Thai lady and settle down long term with her and it is her choice to buy a house and they do. The house is in her name.

Our Rental Tips:

* booking in advance especially during high season.

* try something different for a change and you may be pleasantly surprised

* be careful when you book over the internet as some accommodation websites have photo's that are dated and the real life accommodations are not what you think you will get according to the lovely photo's you viewed on the net

* for groups of 3+ try renting a house or a villa as the cost is less than a 4 star hotel and yet you get much more in terms of amenities

* you pay for a location closer to the bar areas but in our opinion it is easy and cheap to get around town so why pay more when you can get nice accomm. 5-10 minutes from Night Bazaar or the bar areas and save yourself enough to cover your entertainment costs

* get accommodations with a fridge in your room as a chilled drink when you want is a pleasant treat during the warmer months

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We have viewed and inspected many properties and only 20-25% meet our standards and the expectations of our clients. The properties we have listed have been viewed, inspected and often photographed by our staff.

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