Retire at Chiang Mai on 550 USD per month only
Working until 70 years of age if you think you will make it that long and then retire and do all the things you have done during your life with the same enthusiasm, and ability isn't my idea of "Retirement Planning".

Retire when you can and do your homework first and do not believe those that are telling you that you need xx millions of dollars to retire. because you don't.

The amount of money you will need to retire comfortably depends on your choice of retirement destinations, the type of accommodations and lifestyle you envision for yourself or family and a realistic costing of items that will be in your living style be it dinners out, golfing, internet, vehicle ownership and other.

If you are approaching retirement age DO NOT BE AFRAID to think about retirement and do some planning as there is nothing to be scared of. For most people I know thinking of retirement while in their fifties is not a consideration as they see retiree's as old folks who are losing it from hair, sexual prowess, intellect and more.

What if retirement does not have to be that way?

What is retirement means living happily and comfortably and doing most of the things you want to do when you want to do them.

You can retire sooner than you think as you may not need nearly as much money as you have read especially if you retire outside of your home country be Canada, U.S.A., U.K. or other industrialized countries with a expensive cost of retirement.

Work until you are 70 if you make it that long to enjoy a few remaining years in failing health. Is that what you want? Even at 65 we see that we have medical conditions and ailments and already taking pills for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, arthritis ..

You can retire sooner than you think by retiring to Thailand, Philippines and Asian countries.
Something to think about.

You retire in your fifties and your mind still needs regular activity and you need a bit of extra income to live in the style you set out for yourself. How do you go about earning extra income without working at McDonalds, or as a greeter at Walmart or security guard for minimum wages?

These days everyone has a computer and people who are in their sixties have laptops and are proficient with email, website searches, buying things they need over the internet as they comprise a large and growing market of at home shoppers who want products and information.
If you had a website offering services and products to other retiree's or other people you could earn money from the selling these products and services and ALSO earn money from Affiliate earnings from other websites that you are recommending to your website visitors, and from Google Adsense ads that appear on your website and by receiving a fee for placing someone's banner on your website with products that may interest your website visitors but which may not necessarily compete with your offerings.

So as you can see there are many ways that one can earn money from a website. The key is to have a website that can be created affordably and a website that you are interested in and in which you can devote a few hours a week.

Imagine creating your own website and then earning hundreds or thousands of dollars each and every month. Would that alter your plans on when you want to retire and how much longer you have to work to have enough money to retire????

It can be done. It has been done by millions of people around the world from teenagers to grandmothers.

This is one website which I came across which appears to be "One of the Best" out there helping people to create their own websites.

click on banner above to find out how you too can create
"Your Own Website"

Now I am not saying it is simple to create a good website and generate thousands of dollars each month. I am saying most people can do it if they put in some effort and thought into it and once they have done that they can earn income for life from Affiliate commissions, Google Adsense earnings, from selling space on one's website and from products and services they are selling.

As I see it working at some mediocre job trying to ends meet with a retirement pension that doesn't cover it is not the situation you want to be in to be happy.

When one is retired there are limited ways to make money... Reasons being are the person wants to only work part time in hours they select, they do not want to put up alot of capital into a business at this stage of their lives, they do not want to deal with employees or supervisors telling them what to do.. so this is why "Owning a Website" is ideal as you work the hours you want, you are "The Boss", and it costs next to nothing to start a website and only requires some knowledge and part time effort to run the website.

You can start a website for less than $1,000 US and that includes hosting and domain name for a full year and earn that back within a year or even in a matter of a few months and then..

And then "Earn Money for years to come" with little effort or work it part time in your spare time and have something to do in your spare time doing something you like and something you are making good money at.

When you start receiving the cheques and seeing the amounts grow and repeat customers you will be convinced and no looking back.

If you are interested in this avenue of income which could even be tax free and which could enable you to "Retire Sooner" then visit the website above by clicking on the banner.

On "Creating a Website in Chiang Mai, Thailand" we will look at what is involved in terms of costs and time to create a website and the key ingriedients of successful websites from our perspective.

The first time you do anything you do not do things as "quickly" or as "well" but even after we have done what we thought was impossible and done it several times it is surprising "How easy it really is".

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