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Our clients are retiree's from around the globe who come here to Chiang Mai to retire. Many of our clients are single men who come here to retire but want a nice Thai girlfriend or Thai wife with whom they can enjoy their "golden year".

What we have found is that most of our clients tell us that they have "Been there and Done that" as to the bar scene and they seek our assistance, advice, tips and services in finding a sincere Thai girlfriend or Thai wife that is Not a bargirl.

They have learned that bargirls are not sincere and often have Thai boyfriends or Thai husbands and want to keep working in the bars and do not make good long term girlfriends or wives.

After 5 years in business and having numerous requests from our clients who are gentlemen and reasonably affluent and nice people we thought it was time to offer a service that was in demand and which would make our client's even happier.

The service we offer to Retire-on-550 clients is that of matchmaking .. finding a nice sincere Thai female who we know and can vouch for as a long term girlfriend or wife.

This is not a sexual service and is only for clients who will be retired in Chiang Mai long term.
There are not hundreds of photo's to looks at, or hundreds of bio's to read but rather a few hand picked attractive, sincere young ladies who we vouch for and who are interested in a long term relationship or marriage.

With Introduction Services our clients tell us they select ladies and try to correspond with them but that the ladies are looking for someone their own age or do not reply at all. This can be frustrating as it is a play on one's emotions.

There is one Introduction Service here in Chiang Mai and the average age of the ladies is over 40 years of age, we understand that the business is up for sale and that the ladies have to pay a fee to be listed by the service.

We do not work that way..

Our ladies do not pay us a fee to us but rather we incur a cost locating the ladies, and in meeting with them and even paying their transportation costs and meals and for attending outings with clients who are interested in meeting them.

These are photo's of some of the ladies we know and would recommend to retiree's who intend to reside here long term and who want a lovely young Thai female to share their lives with.
Kwan is 20 years
May is 23 years
Tidilat is 19 years
Lin is 24 years

We vouch for these ladies who we know and are often good friends. Some are from Lisu hilltribes and can speak Lisu which is a dialect from China and can be understand by Chinese.

They are not bar girls.

We arrange introductions, arrange hosted outings where we attend and help with the correspondence which puts the girls more at ease. And we also arrange visits to her home village where the man can meet her family. And we explain Thai relationships and why most work and why a few do not work out.

While hitting the bars may appear exciting and a way of finding a Thai g/f it often leads to more disappoint when the male learns the truth about the bar girl, and to excessive costs from ladies drinks etc.

Our service is "Guaranteed".. we vouch for the ladies and we do not introduce men to ladies unless we know the man and his intentions. If we feel the relationship will work then we proceed with the intent of helping both the man and lady find happiness together and enjoy their lives in Chiang Mai.

We no longer offer an Introduction Service for Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Thai ladies have become more and more demanding financially and if things do not work out then the costs are substantial to the Westerner with a Thai gf or wife.

Used to be different but now many more ladies have been spoiled by Western men and we find that Siem Reap, Cambodia to be a much better retirement choice for those men who are single and looking for someone to share their retirement life with in Asia.


The financial risk is much less in Cambodia and much better opportunities exist to meet someone you like. Add in the much better visa option and work options combined with friendly, tourist city that is safe and affordable and you have a good alternative to Chiang Mai, Thailand.

We have staff on hand at both Chiang Mai, Thailand and Siem Reap, Cambodia and want our retire clients to be happy and enjoy their retirement.

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