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Everyone that we have met who has visited Chiang Mai or intends to live in Chiang Mai has known of "Night Bazaar" and has visited this location in Chiang Mai "heart of Chiang Mai on Changklan rd." or else wants to visit here for shopping, entertainment and nightlife.

Night Bazaar pronounced Night Basa is known by all red taxi or tuk tuk drivers and we normally say .. McDonalds at Night Bazaar .. to the drivers as this is in the heart of Night Bazaar.

The shopping area is made up of movable carts that are pushed into position along the main streets north and south along Changklan rd and east and west along side streets of Changklan rd.

In total about 150 carts with vendors selling belts, t-shirts, watches, and much more and the prices can be bargained.

Don't overdo the bargaining as the vendors earn very little and this past year has been the toughest one for them and many are behind on the rental fee of the cars. BE FAIR as the prices are reasonable to start with.

The quality of the items is reasonably good and you get your monies worth for things you can use as well as souvenirs you can show friends and family from Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Right in front of McDonalds running east and west is Loikroh rd. which is known for nightlife.. bars.
We cover off "Nightlife" in another page which can be reached by simply clicking the link near the bottom of the page.
 Khmer hospitality
Nice affordable dinner and "Free Thai Show" >>> Click Here for Video!

This is a very short video of a free Thai musical/dance performance at Kalare food centre in the heart of Night Bazaar.

Great place to have a cheap dinner.. starting at 7 pm and ending at 11 pm.

Purchase food or drink selections from food vendors and pay by coupon which you buy at a booth and make sure to return unused coupons before 11 pm same day or else they will be worthless.

There is also a large area of restaurants about 1 block south of McDonalds in sidestreet called "Ansuran Market". Kalare food court is about 1 block north of McDonalds and the other popular dining area is 2 minute walk south of McDonalds.

Seafood restaurants, Thai restaurants, hamburgers, pizza and other selections. There is a larger of selection of cuisine in Ansuran Market area but prices are higher and seeing the entertainment is more difficult or impossible
to see depending on where you decide to dine.

We prefer Kalare as it is covered in case it rains, and because it costs less and keeps everyone together.

After dinner normally shopping for the newbie to Chiang Mai and then for some nightlife and entertainment.

Please note that we would NOT recommend staying in hotels in Night Bazaar area as the price is higher and no need as one day of this and you want to experience other parts of Chiang Mai such as Nimmenheimen rd. which has more shops, more things to do as compared to Night Bazaar and also it is near the largest city mall.. Kad Suan Kaew.

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