Retire at Chiang Mai on 550 USD per month only
$$ Save $$ on Guest Friendly Accommodation in Chiang Mai
Short and Long term accommodation in Chiang Mai 32in lcd tv, dvd player, kitchen, bathtub, balcony, wifi, great location, and reasonable priced ___>> Click on any photo to learn more

Before you go ahead and pack up everything and move here for good we would suggest that you come here for a vacation.

Make it a one month visit if you can as the cost of accommodations will be the same for a month as for 2 or 3 weeks. Food is cheap and you will have a better sense of what it is like to live here if you stay for a full month.

Even though I consider this to be the best place for me that does not necessarily mean you will like it at all. Come here for

Well, if you are thinking of retiring here then you should consider utilizing our services.

And that applies if you have been here before or if you have never been to Chiang Mai before.

When I was forming my decision as to the best place to retire I dedicated hundreds of hours of research on the internet to where to retire.

And after I decided on retiring to Chiang Mai I devoted myself to learning all that I could from

? lowest airfare cost to Bangkok,
? if I needed 2 way or 1 way ticket,
? options for getting from Bangkok to Chiang Mai,
? what to bring, what to buy, what to sell,
? luggage allowances, driver licenses including International Driver's License,
? many many hours researching different accommodations options and even houses for sale,
? Thai visa options and how and where to apply
? buying things I would need and if I should bring items that I owned or if I should buy things here
? differences in voltage
? Thailand customs
? healthcare options and costs, and facilities,
? and nightlife of course,
? and.. many more topics.....

While I did many things right there were mistakes that I made that cost me. The same will probably happen to you if you want to do it your way.

The additional and uncessary costs you will bear if you do it on your own based on your research will amount to thousands of dollars in extra unecessary costs.

And we can detail that to you if you are interested in knowing how non clients waste their money and also their time by trying to relocate to Chiang Mai on their own.

Retire-on-550 clients are clever and many are internet savy, have a long working history and have travelled the world and yet they come to us for assistance in making the move to Chiang Mai. Why???

To seek out our assistance and advice as even after doing research they still have many concerns and questions to which they could not find answers. Moving ANYWHERE is a major step in our lives and it is even more difficult when one is 50 years or older and has not lived in Asia before.

No one likes stress..
No one likes unpleasant surprises..
and we all like to save money on living costs once we settle down.

Peace of mind knowing we have done things propertly and that we have all of our concerns addressed makes a world of difference when one is making the move here to Chiang Mai.

Our clients even after our many emails and advice come here and are a bit apprehensive on day one but we find that after meeting with us and taking in our nightlife tour and Orientation Day that they relax, and their demenour changes. They become more confident, reassured and quickly settle in.

We have many examples of non clients selecting their own accommodations and finding they made a big mistake and a costly one and also non clients who have left after feeling they did not qualify for the Retirement Visa.

There are other options as to visa's and the Retirement Visa may not necessarily be the best visa choice for you.

We will make suggestions and you tell us if you want to go ahead with these. The trip will not have any unpleasant surprises in terms of cost, and will be more fun knowing you are doing all you want to do on less money.

After your vacation here you will have to decide if this is the place to retire. Be it right away or a few years from now.

Should you decide to move here we will be there for you. We will suggest the best Chiang Mai accommodations for your budget, suggest places to dine, places to rent movies, shop, exercise, how to travel about, and anything else you will need to know when it comes to living here.

Our real life experiences will save you both time and money. You can buy food at a large grocery store chain where everything including a large assortment of seafood is available some of it live or you can buy fresh fruits, vegetables and seafood at a large market and buy twice as much for the same price. Some of the produce available at the market is shown below.

If you come here alone whether you are divorced, widowed or single and if you are so inclined we can help you find someone to share your life with. Many men find women on their own but again utilizing our help you will find someone who may be better for you.

I have met many foreigners living here who have spend thousands of dollars needlessly because they did not do things completely or properly before coming here to Thailand. These are clever people who even after their research did not know all that they should do in preparing themselves to move here.

Take the special express train and leave in the morning if you want to take the 13 hr. bumpy ride to Chiang Mai or Bangkok. We recommend 2nd class A/C which is very comfortable. I liked the fact that it was bumpy ride as my legs were sore from the long flights to Bangkok. There isn't much to see except for trees. You should receive two meals, a snack and liquid refreshments but I would bring a couple of bags of chips and a can of pop along. Plane travel is much faster and what we recommend to most of our clients. There are instances where the train is the best option and we will not elaborate at this time.

The map on this site is from Thaiways' Map of Chiang Mai & Chiang Rai,which can be obtained free from the information counter at airports or hotels Of all the maps that I have seen this is the best one on the internet. In fact I believe there are free maps at McDonalds in the Night bazaar area also.

Click Here for Air Asia home page

When you are on the homepage click on your preferred website to get started which in my case is English. From my experiences this has ALWAYS been the least expensive way to travel between Bangkok and Chiang Mai by plane. I normally take the plane which is a quick 1 hr. flight between Bangkok and Chiang Mai. There are times when the train is the smartest move and we advise our clients accordingly. Early the day and late at night flights offer the best bargains.

Moving to Chiang Mai

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$$ Save $$ on Guest Friendly Accommodation in Chiang Mai
Short and Long term accommodation in Chiang Mai 32in lcd tv, dvd player, kitchen, bathtub, balcony, wifi, great location, and reasonable priced ___>> Click on any photo to learn more


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