Retire at Chiang Mai on 550 USD per month only

Chiang Mai, Thailand is home to over 18,000 retiree's from around the world.

The city has everything I need from health care, sports, shopping, dining, entertainment, things to do and places to visit. If you want someone to play golf, billiards or bridge with, you can probably find them by using the free classified section of a local web site.

Remember that over 18,000 of foreigners are making Chiang Mai their retirement home.

We can help you in many ways to move to Chiang Mai, Thailand. From explaining your Thai visa options, to helping you decide what to bring here, where to live, where to shop, where to exercise, how to commute about the city, how to get good health care, banking, and more.

And our advice will save you thousands of dollars a year in living costs.

$$ Save $$ on Guest Friendly Accommodation in Chiang Mai
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Non Retire-on-550 retiree's spend much more on their accommodations, living costs, and even costs associated with finding a Thai girlfriend (for male clients) when they move to Chiang Mai.

And we can cite many examples where non clients have visited and applied for a visa and have Not Been Approved, and clients who have paid over 10,000 baht month for accommodations than our clients and found that our clients had not only spent less but had better long term accommodations.

It has taken us years to gather information and to offer our retirement services to our clients that enable our clients to successfully apply for their visa of choice (we explain visa options.
All of our clients have successfully applied for their visa's with our advice and assistance) and to locate the best accommodations for long term residence and to offer other services which are of interest to our clients.

Living in Chiang Mai long term is affordable, safe, and with many things to do. And the fact that there are over 18,000 retiree's from around the globe living here in retirement and no one wanting to leave proves that this is the most popular retirement destination in all of Thailand and in all of SE Asia as well.

In this day and age of computers and facebooks, twitters, and youtubes information is made available much quicker and is at our fingertips via the computer. If people did not like living here in retirement then one could quickly find that out and then look elsewhere for a retirement destination.

But no one is complaining about living here. We all recognize that it is not perfect here and there are some things that take getting used to but seems the retiree's accept things and realize they can live here safely, comfortably and affordably and often with a nice Thai girlfriend (for available single men).

I did months of research before I moved to Chiang Mai.

But in looking back I have to say that I did many things right but I could have done many things better. There are accommodations here that I found after coming here that do not have web sites. I could have saved money on accommodations, on meals and other.

So where there is a fee for our service of getting you here quickly, inexpensively, hassle free to meet your girlfriend/wife, or coming here with your wife, the fee is small in comparison to the money you will save from our advice.

Learn from us or learn the hard way and spend more than you have to spend.

Prices here are not set in stone.

There may be two prices. One for Thai‘s and one for farangs (foreigners).

Once again when you understand this and know how to deal with it you will once again save on the costs of living here.

All in all I love it here. It is not perfect but I think you will never find a retirement destination that is perfect. I liked it in Boracay, Philippines and I liked the Dominican Republic but after having lived here I would not change for anywhere in the world.

It is safe here. The Thai people are friendly. They work hard, get along and are generally happy and cheerful. It gets a bit hot for me for a few months of the year. I still get by without air conditioning. But that is it. That is my complaint.

Thai food is cheap and delicious. Fresh locally grown vegetables, fruits and seafood all prepared in a way that has made Thai food famous.

Lovely Thai ladies looking for loving relationships with single foreign men and age of the man doesn't matter and even his looks are unimportant.

Many things to do and costing a fraction of what they would cost one in their home country from hot springs, water falls, picnics, to golfing, swimming, and more ...

Let us show you how to get here inexpensively, and how to live here on only $550 US a month, and hopefully you can say what I am saying now, I wish I knew about Chiang Mai sooner.
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