Retire at Chiang Mai on 550 USD per month only

Chiang Mai University is pleased to offer a first of it's kind Lecture Series in Chiang Mai. This is a new offering effective October, 2009 and full year participants are eligible for a one year Education Visa by way of Chiang Mai Univeristy. 

Seminars are held twice a week and two hours in length. Discussion time is available with experts. Lectures are held on the Chiang Mai University campus at the Language Institute Building. There are many subject areas to select from such as History, Photography, Foreign Language, Business, Painting, Film, History, Asian Studies, Geography, Music, Dance and much more.. 

The cost of the Lecture Series is approximately 19,000 baht and we see it as excellent value and also a means by which retiree's under age 50 yr, or others wishing to stay in Thailand longer term can do so without meeting Retirement Visa financial requirements. 

Please note that this Lecture Series Visa is only available in Chiang Mai by way of Chiang Mai University. Compared to other visa options it is good value and does offer applicants something interesting to do and also the lecture visa is available for more than 1 year.

Chiang Mai Univeristy is NO LONGER our top choice for other courses such as: 

Learn Thai like a native
# 1-year education visa
# Study 4-hours per week

Get trained as an English Teacher and find the perfect job.
# 4-week, 120-hour course 
# Job Placement Assistance
# Online or On-Campus course

Share your talents and learn new ones in cool projects.
# 1-year education visa
# Give as little as 4 hours per week

Sip Lattes and soak up the insights.
# 1-year education visa
# English Language Lectures on Thailand and Southeast Asia

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CONDO's for Retire-on-550 clients.. No Joiner Fees, Larger & Better Equiped than Hotel
Short term rentals - Include "FREE" Wifi, breakfasts daily, cable tv, stocked fridge, 3x./week full cleaning


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