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Many of our clients ask us to recommend the best place in Chiang Mai to buy things and also the best places for services. Services such as the best dental clinic, best auto insurer, best place for hospital care, best entertainment, best place to buy jewelry ...

We can say for a fact that jewelry stores are not all the same as to prices, and quality.

If you intend to visit Chiang Mai or are currently residing in Chiang Mai just send us an email with your name, if you are visiting or residing here, what services you require and we will forward to you our top recommendations.

We have clients coming here for cosmetic surgery as well and ask us to arrange meetings with doctors, specialists, surgeons to get more information and quotes about procedures.

One stop shopping.. convenient and efficient ..

As to Gem Gallery just ask any taxi driver or tuk tuk driver and they will know the way there.

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When it comes to buying jewelry in Chiang Mai it is buyer beware.

First of all there are many cubic zirconia's that are not real diamonds and there are many imitation gem's that can be purchased for a few dollars each which are purchased by buyers who think they are getting the real thing and they are getting cheap junk jewelry. Make sure you are buying for a reputable source. You will look very foolish if you return home to find out that the diamond or gem you thought was the real thing was a phoney.

We recommend Gem Gallery who have thousands of quality jewelry pieces displayed in their store and PGS Jewelry who have a smaller display of quality products and who can custom design a ring, bracelet, earings or a necklace for you in 3-4 working days.

So we are alerting our website visitors that we have heard first hand of jewelry sold as diamonds that are cubic zirconia's and cheap gems sold as the real thing. We have located several jewelry stores that sell top quality product and will beat the larger outlets on price because they do not pay the outrageous commissions to tuk tuk drivers.

Buy your jewelry for from our recommended jewelers and you will know you are getting the real jewelry and price you came here for.

A year ago I bought what looked like a large diamond for $3 U.S. from someone for curiousity sake. If I had it mounted on to a gold ring you would never know the difference. Only by doing a hardness test with the right equipment would you be able to determine that it was not the real thing. Even a jewelry store would not know for sure just by looking at it.

So if a jewelry store does not know for sure about the authenticity of jewelry without the use of specialized equipment then you tell me what your chances are of being scammed.

These zirconia's and also imitation gem's can be purchased for a dollar or two and re-sold for hundreds of dollars to tourists thinking they have found a super jewelry deal.

There are some great deals on jewelry in Chiang Mai as the cost of labor is very cheap compared to many countries. So a custom made ring or necklace in North America for instance would cost much more for the labor and the markup for the gem or diamond would be higher also as the cost of doing business in the North America is higher.

Go to a recommended jeweler here in Chiang Mai and have a custom made piece of jewelry made or select jewelry that is on display and you can be saving hundreds to thousands of dollars versus the cost of similar jewelry outside of Thailand. Just remember that when it comes to custom designed jewelry you should allow a minimum of 3 days for your jewelry to be completed.

If on the other hand you want to create your own precious souvenir then you may well be interested in Thongyon Silverware where you can take a Silver Course and learn how to make a ring, bracelet, necklace, earing etc.

Courses are available between 10 a.m. and 4 p.n. Monday- Saturday.

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Learn how to make your own ring, necklace, earings and more..

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