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Many things to do in and around Chiang Mai, Thailand.

There are about 5 different Hot Springs in Samkampaeng which require about a 20 minute drive by car or taxi reach. On the way one sees the farmers fields, mountains, and the road is well paved and with very little traffic.

Rooon Aroon Hot Springs have beautiful grounds, private roooms with individual tubs, group jacuzzi tub, swimming pool with cold mineral water, restaurant, geysers, and restaurant on site.
Looks very nice as one enters the grounds and caters to the tourist. While we were there several buses full of Japanese tourists visited and they went directly to the restaurant, some photo's and off they go.

Only 2 kilometres from Roong Aroon Hot Springs is Samkampaeng Hot Springs. The prices at Samkampaeng are about 50% less for the private hot tub and there is more to do in a larger setting. At Samkampaeng there is a mineral stream where people place their fit in the water, and more shade and with more people or many more people.

With the prices being lower at Samkampaeng it attracts more Thai's.

Hot Spring in Chiang Mai

Hot Spring in Chiang Mai

Hot Spring in Chiang Mai

Hot Spring in Chiang Mai

Ice cream, restaurants, massage are available at both hot springs but Samkampaeng offers more things one can buy at souvenir shops at the prices are cheap. Our favorite is Samkampaeng Hot Springs and since they are so near to each other you can visit both if you have hired a taxi or have your own transportation.

The private rooms for soaking in warm/hot mineral water are only 40 baht at Samkampaeng at shower in the room before entering the tub and do not shower afterwards (abouit 20 min. in the tub) as you want to keep the minerals on your body.

The hot springs make for an enjoyable, relaxing day out that will be enjoyed by people of all ages. Bring your swimsuit in case you want to use the mineral swimming pool.

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