Retire at Chiang Mai on 550 USD per month only
We are offering a homestay about a 2 hr. drive from Chiang Mai to individuals who want to experience a quiet period during which they can meditate, relax and experience living within a hilltribe community.

Nearby is a mountain temple with gorgeous views of the valley and you can even take in an elephant show in nearby Mae Tang on the ride here or visit nearby Chiang Dao caves.

At times hotel living and local sightseeing has it's limitations and some people want to experience something new and different.

A 3 bedroom home with a magnificent view within a hilltribe community is the setting the homestay. A large 29" tv is avail. with DVD player and sound system.

The fridge is fully stocked with eggs, vegetables, fruits, juices and we can add other refreshments depending on your own preferences.

Homestay Chiang Mai

The photo opportunities will include a once popular temple set on a mountain peak and local hilltribes dressed in their traditional colorful clothing.

The quiet setting with marvellous view is cooler than Chiang Mai and requires blankets when sleeping at night.

The former local mountain temple leader built up a devoted and faithful group of followers and then he ran away to U.S.A. with a young Thai lady and that was it.

The temple is on large grounds with magnificent photo opportunities and not the run of the mill photo's of Doi Suthep.

3 young ladies with 3 children from the same village

The temple has meditation huts and it appears that people can use these huts and perhaps live on site. If you are interested in meditating and staying on the temple site we will make inquiries for you.

While you are here enjoy the freshly cooked meals, take in the local culture, breathe fresh air, relax in an out of town setting.

Nothing fancy, no a/c, no cable tv or internet..
but the nights are cool, the air is fresh, the views are magnificent and the neighbours friendly. Bookings should be made 2 months in advance and custom itineraries prepared for you by Minimum rental is 7 days and longer stay options are available at attractive rental rates.

The house is available on a 1 bedroom or 2 bedroom basis with your hosts preparing the meals.

Transportation to the local mountain temple, elephant camp or Chiang Dao caves can be arranged.

A 2 hr. ride by a/c bus from Chiang Mai or 3 hr. by rented motorbike by way of paved roads in and around mountains into a peaceful valley community.

When you have had your fill of the large city and normal tourist activities and need to relax or experience something new and different.

Elephant show and ride a short 1 hr. drive away

One bedroom with 2 home cooked meals: 6,000 baht/wk. total

- sleeps up to 2 people

Two bedrooms with 2 home cooked meals: 10,000 baht/wk. total

- sleeps up to 4 people

* Includes transportation to/from Chiang Mai bus station via a/c bus.

* Optional transportation to/from Chiang Mai via private a/c taxi add 1,300 baht each way

Accommodation in Chiang Mai

I used to believe that people could change and discussed it with work mates who thought otherwise.

Now 30 years later I still believe that people can change but that it is very, very rare.

If I return to my home town and meet friends that I have not seen for years I will probably find that none of them has changed. If they were lazy, stupid, honest, dishonest, hardworking then they hold these traits and other than their physical appearance nothing has really changed.

I believe that it is rare for a person to change what he is for I firmly believe that "We are what we think" and so long as we think the same things we stay the same and for someone not to see us for 10-20 years we will still be viewed as the same person.

Therefore for someone to change their Thinking has to change.

At times sometimes drastic or dramatic happens in a persons life and their thinking changes. Perhaps a death in the family, perhaps new beliefs or change in religion.

When a person's thinking changes we may not see them for 5 years and when we do it appears that they are different and noticeably not the same person. The reason for this is "Their Thinking has Changed".

The reason I am mentioning this at this time is that I believe that if we are not happy with our lives we can change who we are by changing our thinking. To do this you need a cult leader, books that you read and follow the teachings or to get away to a new environment where you can try to change the way you think.

Is this location a place for such a possible change? Yes, I believe it could be. Here we do not have the trappings that set you thinking negatively and the envrionment that forces you to act as others about you in a competitive workplace.

Here you do not have the negativeity in newspapers, tv news, competitive workplace or friends who think the same or alike.

Here you have peace and quiet. An environment to get you relaxed and reading and thinking about your life. You are surrounded by people who have very little who will share what they have with you. A slow, peaceful style of living in which people co-operate and get along with each other. They are happy with what they have and try to make the best of their lives.

Their children will have better lives as they will speak several languages and they will keep the family mentality thought process whereby they will work to provide for their parents and other family members.

If you are not happy with you life be it divorce, physical appearance, attitude, negative thinking or other things you want changed but have not been able to so far then this is your chance.

Take a week or two off from your normal lifestyle and come here to Thailand and to our homestay. You may be able to change your thinking in this environment. Turn yourself into a better person, a person who you have always wanted to be and re-shape your future in a direction that will make you healthier and happier.

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Homestay in Chiang Mai Mai - with private van, driver, pool, tennis


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