Retire at Chiang Mai on 550 USD per month only
From a hetersexual point of view the gay life in Chiang Mai is noticeable and tolerated and even accepted.

There are a group of bars near to Foxy Lady that cater to the gay. The way to tell if it is a gay bar is if the bar tender is a male and you do not see any females there available for bar fines.

Now this is very generalized and for the bars that employ a male bartender and do not have any ladies working there we trust you will understand.

Entertainment created for and catering to the gay community would be in my opinion Simon Chiang Cabaret where males dressed as females perform musical numbers. Also a new restaurant has taken over from the DownUnder on Nimmenheimen Rd. and features a male dressed as a lady and entertaining the clientle.

At times when I am grocery shopping at a large shopping centre such as the Big C I will see an older male accompanied by a young Thai male. I would guess that the male is gay and living here long term perhaps with a male companion.

As I mentioned earlier the gay bars are centered in an entertainment complex near the Foxy Lady about 30 yards north. Several of the bars are for heterosexuals and a number for gays and you can probably determine on your own which is which. Small bars with one pool table playing music which they think will attract clients.

Gay bar or straight bar the one thing that offends me is a man grabbing anothers man's crotch in public and that applies to a woman exposing her breasts or allowing a man to feel her breasts in public.

Accommodation Chiang Mai

There is a time and place for everything and actions which I described above are better performed elsewhere as I know that families with children walk by the bars when they are touring about town or shopping in Chiang Mai.

Other than that if two men want to have several drinks and talk it is the same as two women or a man and a woman in my opinion. There have always been bi-sexuals, gays and hetersexuals and always will be. Some people think it is a matter of choice and I personally believe that choice has little to do with it.

The Blue's Club
A Spa exclusively for men by men

Spa Blue ClubA refreshing relaxing and rejeuvenating time

Thai Traditional massage, aromatherapy oil/cream massage and body scrubs. Indoor & Outdoor Service

Open 1 p.m. to 1 a.m. and simply phone 053 240968 for directions

title bar

Night Bazaar -

One - 2 - Come

Massage by Men
Massage by man
  • Traditional Thai massage in cozy atmosphere, service by professional pleasant young men All massage room with A/C, stereo and bathroom
  • V.I.P. room with private jacuzzi
  • Relax in the Beer Garden with comfortable atmosphere
  • Located on 360/1 Changklan rd. in the Night Bazaar area and open from 10 a.m. til midnight daily and telephone number is 053 204385.
In Chiang Mai a gay can retire and find a male companion easily and live life comfortable and affordably. There are accommodations that cater to the gays and there are massages that are male oriented.

So anyone who is gay and is thinking of finding a place to retire where they can live life out of the closet and not be persecuted, or stared at then I believe that Chiang Mai has a place for you.

And if you want some advice and assistance in making the move to Chiang Mai then give us a shout and we will help you make the move here affordably and as effortlessly as possible. related pages.. Nightlife in Chiang Mai Cooking Schools in Chiang Mai Best Tailor in Chiang Mai Jewelry in Chiang Mai Night Bazaar in Chiang Mai

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CONDO's for Retire-on-550 clients.. No Joiner Fees, Larger & Better Equiped than Hotel
Short term rentals - Include "FREE" Wifi, breakfasts daily, cable tv, stocked fridge, 3x./week full cleaning


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