Retire at Chiang Mai on 550 USD per month only
Foreign men who have come here on their own to retire are either living with a Thai girlfriend or a Thai wife.

The retiree's that I have met are happy and have the loving, caring, attention and female companionship that they were without and needed in their home country.

They were tired of living alone, took a chance and moved here to Chiang Mai and discovered happiness.

Their reasons for selecting Chiang Mai as a retirement destination include low cost of living, prompt and affordable access to health care, agreeable climate, safety and the number 1 reason retired men come to Chiang Mai is..
available attractive Thai ladies

There are over 19,000 retiree's living in Chiang Mai. Most are senior men..
most have an attractive Thai girlfriend and some have married their Thai girlfriend and

"Most are Happy"
"Never Want to Leave Here."

And the Thai lady deserves Most of the Credit.

This was the reason I decided to come to Thailand to retire rather than other countries that I have visited and liked.

Thai women are family oriented, unspoiled compared to Western standards, attentive to your needs, and faithful.

And Chiang Mai is reputed to be home of the most beautiful Thai ladies due to their fairer complexions, and considered by many to be among the most attractive women in the world.

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There are 3 main ways in which eligible foreign men meet Thai ladies here in Chiang Mai.

1/ Correspondence/Dating Service

2/ Introduction Service

3/ Bar Women

Let's examine each method of finding a Thai girlfriend or wife to better understand the advantages and disadvantages of each method and to determine which is most suitable for you.

1/ Correspondence Service

Some of our clients have tried this method before they have become retire clients and before they have even been to Chiang Mai.

It does generate enthusiasm and passion in the man and that alone could be worth the price of admission or should I say cost of the Correspondence Service. After all the feeling and thrill of love and romance is often better than married life.

It is a matter of finding the right service. A service that has "real ladies" and not just showing photo's.

Now this method may work for some men and just do not send the lady any money. If she is interested in you then she should be informed of your intentions, your intended arrival date and wait for you without any request for money.

A list of all the websites we reviewed and a rating for each is shown on the following page..

Best Dating Websites in Thailand

Our reviews were based on feedback from the service, number of ladies, cost of service, website design and layout and more..

k&v tours

This is the Best Dating Website by far of the many that we have checked and reviewed. Why?

Many real ladies to pick from, reasonable fees for what you get, they have been in business many years, and they do introductions and also tours and testimonials are excellent. They are number one for Dating, Introductions and Tours.

Naughty massage, pretty bar girls and Elvis impersonator in Chiang Mai

2/ Introduction Service

One of our clients contacted one of these Introduction Services in Chiang Mai and was told that he could contact the ladies "for free". When he sent in the numbers of the ladies he selected he was told that NONE of THEM wanted to meet him.

I have visited the site and lots of ladies photo's featured there. But in over 10 pages of ladies that I viewed the average age of the ladies is over 40 years of age and the few that are younger want a husband who is between 20-40 years of age and our retiree's are over 50 years of age.

Best Introduction Websites in Thailand

K&V Tours

This is the Best Dating Website by far of the many that we have checked and reviewed. Why?

Many real ladies to pick from, reasonable fees for what you get, they have been in business many years, and they do introductions and also tours and testimonials are excellent. They are number one for Dating, Introductions and Tours.

3/ Bar Women

These are the places where eligible retired men look for Thai girlfriend or Thai wife. Often these men do not speak Thai and do not know where else to look.
After having lived in Chiang Mai for over 4 years I would caution you to "stay away from the bars".

You are more likely to catch a sexual disease or become an AA member before you find a nice Thai girlfriend.

and you will spend a small fortune on ladies drinks, bar fines and bar tabs and be alone when you wake up each morning.

It may be enticing, exciting or interesting but believe me when I say that most of the Thai ladies there are NOT INTERESTED in you ..
stop ordering drinks for yourself or for them and you will find out very quickly this fact.

The bar scene is an easy way to pick up a Thai girl for several hours but not the way or place to find a girlfriend or wife for a long lasting relationship.

Sorry to spoil the party but these ladies have been around the block a few times and the one that catches your fancy may be earning 1-3,000 baht a night and if you think you are going to take her away from the bar you better ante up 20-40,000 baht a month to them as this is what they will lose by not working at the bar.

Also many of the bar girls have boyfriends and are married. What? You thought they were all single and available?

There are bars that have young girls sitting out front and their looks draw you into the bar and after you spend 1,000 baht you find out that these girls do not barfine. So you sit there playing a game with the girl and ordering drinks for both of you and at 90- 120 baht for a small orange juice you will learn that the girl will drink as many of these drinks as you offer to buy her and drink them faster than you can drink your beer or mixed drink.

A bar girl is not the girl for you. True enough that some Retiree's here have meet their wife or girlfriend in a bar but whether they admit it or not, They Could Have Found BETTER.

The "Key" to living happily in Chiang Mai for heterosexual single males is having a nice Thai gf or wife.

For anyone considering Thailand for a wife or gf keep in mind that nearby Cambodia is much much better.


Less financial risk, lower cost, better selection of ladies.


For more details click on following link..

Finding Girlfriend in Thailand versus Cambodia.. which is best?

Just e-mail -

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Finding Girlfriend in Thailand versus Cambodia.. which is best?
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