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The Chiang Mai dining experience itself is reason enough to visit Chiang Mai.

Chiang Mai Thai meals are filling, delicious, and fresh Some of the finest International restaurants you will find anywhere are located in Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai restaurants will be recommended and also information will be provided about dining in Chiang Mai.

We are providing you with some insight into dining in Chiang Mai which may be useful to you when you visit.

Our Chiang Mai dining experiences deal mainly with eating Thai foods from roadside vendors, to small Thai restaurants to larger Thai restaurants that seat hundreds and yet provide superb service, cuisine, and setting for a memorable Chiang Mai dining experience.

We are also recommending a Chiang Mai cooking school that will teach you how to cook Thai foods and impress your friends with your newly acquired culinary skills.

Restaurants that provide foods that you are more accustomed to and which you may desire when you visit are also recommended from Italian, Steaks & Seafood, Grilled Chicken and Ribs, Mexican, Indian curries, turkey, freshly baked pies, and cakes and the finest French restaurant in all of Chiang Mai.

A word of caution about ordering STEAK in Chiang Mai. It has been passed on to us from a good source that some of the restaurants offering Australian and New Zealand beef are offering a lower quality than what you are paying for. Based on that input from the reputable source I for one would not be ordering steak or beef in Chiang Mai, thank you.
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The PIE SABAI BAKERY are suppliers to some of the largest supermarkets in Chiang Mai as well as restaurants and guesthouses throughout the city.

Turkey, mince pies, Christmas puddings as well as an assortment of delicous baked pies, and cakes are part of what they supply to their many customers.

The PIE SABAI BAKERY is open daily from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., they are located close to the main entrance of the famous forest temple of Wat Umon and their telephone/fax number for enquiries and bookings is 053 283166.

If you are looking for top class entertainment during or after your meal we have several recommendations for you that are sure to please.

And if you have an opportunity, take in a Thai cooking class. For about $20 U.S. one day of cooking, and a free color cookbook. Learn to cook at least 3 Thai dishes and impress friends and family when you return home.

As to breakfast, to me a fried or scrambled egg with toast is the same at one restaurant to the next. If I am going to pay $10 US at the Sheraton for a breakfast or $2 US at a small Thai restaurant then there better be a big difference in quality or content.

For breakfast in Thailand I would recommend a rice soup with either, chicken, pork or shrimp. The soup is served in a large bowl and you can add spices, sugar and vinegar to suit your own tastes. The soup is normally 35 bath which is $1 US and very filling. If you want an American breakfast they can be found throught the city and normally in the $80 baht range or about $2 US. No need to recommend one place over another as I would not travel from one end of the city to the other for breakfast and neither should you.

There are some all day breadfast establishments and if you are visiting and walking around bring a piece of paper and pen and jot down the name or address just in case.

Now for lunch there are many options.

There are pubs that serve up American, European, and Thai cuisines. There are Japanese and Thai, and Chinese restaurants and most easily found in the Night Bazaar area of town around Chang Klan rd. There are the large Central Malls (2) that have McDonalds, Sizzler, KFC, and others that you can select from. So all types of restauarants and prices for the Thai meals are normally the lowest.
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If you want love pizza or Italian cuisine then Arcoba Lenio Italian Restaurant should be on your to dine list.

When I walk into an Italian food the smell of the food is just irresistable to me. Also I am very fond of fresh break and salad trays with pickles.

A Romantic and classical restaurant setting and food prepared especially for you by Chiang Mai's favourite chf, Magni Renato.

The Arcoba Leno Restaurant is open daily from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. to 10 10 p.m. and is located on 60 Na Watket rd. between Rimpin Condo and Prince Royal College. If you need directions give them a call at Tel 06 672 1532.

At the malls there are food courts and this applies to the large shopping centres such as Carrefour, and Big C. You can select from foods are cooked and this is done by buying food coupons and the counter and then paying the vendor by coupon and returning unused coupons for a refund. These foods are delicious and often a sign in English describes the food. ie. prawn with vegetables and rice and a photo shows you what it looks like. So what could be easier?

For me a 100 baht or less than $3 U.S. will provide me with a fresh, tasty meal and water or soft drink and a dessert with money left over.

Popular restaurants in North America are Harvey?s, McDonalds, and Burger King. Here we have the street vendors. The end result is a quickly prepared affordable meal.

The street vendors may sell fresh fruits such as pineapple, mango, watermelon, strawberries (locally grown), and more. Each fruit is cut up into small pieces and placed in a plastic bag and you are provided a long wooden stick with which to eat it. Cost is normally 10 baht which comes to about 25 cents U.S. and the fruits are kept cool and are delicious.

Also vendors here sell fast foods and snacks. Get a meal of cooked rice, meat and veggies again placed in a plastic bag but this time wrapped tightly by an elastic band for about 20 baht or 50 cents U.S. Take your pick of a rice dish, or a noodle dish or a soup. Tasty and normally already prepared and wrapped and still warm or if you want to wait one minute they will take it out of the pot and put it into the bag while you wait.

So a cooked meal and a tasty snack for a total of about 75 cents U.S. For many Thai?s in Chiang Mai this is there most common meal. They then proceed to drive home, unwrap the elastic, put some rice in a bowl, place several cups of the table with a bottle of water and that is one of their meals.

The foods in Thailand are tasty, healthy, and inexpensive.

The basic ingredient in all the meals is rice. Yes rice for breakfast too. I have never been one for rice. Potatoes was my staple. But here potatoes are pricey and although I admit to buying them and making potato soup and french fries it is the exception and not the rule.

So take fresh ingredients combine that with rice and special sauces which are the key to the taste and there you have it - Healthy, Tasty, and Inexpensive meals.

Top if off with locally grown fresh pineapple, watermelon, mango, strawberries or a dozen or more fruits and you have a meal you will enjoy and which is good for you.

The funny thing about foods is that whatever you really like is NO GOOD for you. What are your favorites? Cake, pies, French fries, hamburgers, ice-cream. Well they are not that good for you in terms of eating them regularly. What do you hate to eat? Broccoli, asparagus, spinach, brown rice, boiled chicken. Well these are good for you.

So if you come here to Thailand. do try several different types of Thai foods. You may find a soup that you just cannot get enough of, or a Thai dessert that you have no idea what it was and which you absolutely enjoyed, or fresh fish which is abundant here. Prawns, sea bass and more cooked up on a large plate will leave you wanting more.
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There are times when we all want the best whether we are out on a date with someone we want to impress, or whether it is a special ocassion such as a wedding anniversary.

When that time arrives LE CRYSTAL- should be your choice in Chiang Mai.

LE CRYSTAL- will take your breath away with the superb style of Lanna heritage. You will be touched by sthe heavenly designed gardens with a terrace surrounded by flowers and trees full of colours and scents.

You can even walk down to the magic of the Ping River, a perfect place for cocktails while waiting for your delicate meal which comes with outstanding service in a warm atmostphere with soft music.

An elegantly cozy private room for up to 10 persons on the second floor also overloking the garden and the river will be available upon request.

FREE TRANSPORTATION is available to and from the airport or your hotel. Simple phone 053 872 890-1 to make your reservation.

I have eaten meals, snacks and fruits sold by small roadside food vendors and never experienced any problems. The ingredients are fresh, kept on ice if required and cooking areas cleaned regularly. So I see this as a safe, inexpensive way to buy snacks and meals. I would recommend that you carry a bottle of water which can be purchased at 7-11 for only 13 cents as you may get a bit dehydrated especially if you are doing a lot of walking and this if anything may be the cause of a quick jaunt to the rest room.

Are there things that I do not eat that Thai?s eat? Yes there is a fruit called Durian, the Thai?s just love it but it has such a foul odor that when I gave it a try I had to breathe through my mouth. Apart from the odor it has the texture of a pudding and is rich in flavor. What I did not have the courage to try and which I expect would be healthy to eat was the fried insects. I suppose that it is just a matter of getting used to the sight of them. Perhaps I could dine on both the fruit and insects regularly if I kept breathing through my nose and kept my eyes shut while I ate.

But you should try what we call ?Suki?. It is a soup that you cook on your table in a pot with hot coals underneath. You decide on the ingredients such as chicken, beef, liver, fish and add them and take them out when they are cooked. Normally the meats go in first as they take longer to cook and then the vegetables. In about 5 minutes you have your soup.

Two small bowls will accompany the meal. They are both made of hot peppers. One has the appearance of a green paste and the other a red paste. You can either dip your meat or fish into the paste or put a teaspoonful into your soup. The green paste is spicy, makes me perspire a bit and gives me a longing for a cold glass of water during I eat my soup. The red paste I do not touch and would not recommend you try it unless you are accustomed to eating it or you are Mexican. My girlfriend eats her Suki with the green paste and admits to making trips to the washroom during the middle of the night and not to brush here teeth. A filling meal for 4 people for about $3 U.S. and that includes taxes, tip, and bottled water with a bucket of ice.

I have heard it said that Thai?s have a reputation for making any food taste delicious. That is true. The KEY is the sauce. I do not know what ingredients go into the sauces but I do know that I was not a rice eater and now with I will be scraping the bottom of each bowl of food that is served to me. Normal white rice cooked in a rice cooker combined with fried vegetables and meat with the special sauce is simply delicious.

And if you want to know where I would eat given the choice now, a fast food restaurant there or a street vendor here? My reply would be a street vendor here. After the meal here I am filled up, the food is delicious, the fruits are fantastic and prices are so low and I feel fitter.

If you plan to visit Chiang Mai enrol into a Thai Cooking Class. The cost of the cooking courses is about $20 U.S. and for that they will pick you up from your hotel or residence, take you to the fresh market to show you how to pick out produce, show you how to cook at least 3 delicous dishes, and provide transportation back to your accommodations.

A free cookbook is included in most cases which is worth more than the $ 20 U.S. for the cooking class and you also get an opportunity to eat what you have cooked. A truly pleasant and filling experience.

Thai vegetarian cooking is also an option for those people who are watching their waistlines. Return home and impress family and friends with your newly acquired cooking skills. Our tour guide has a Thai cooking school tour which includes 3-4 days of cooking classes. After one day you will learn how to cook about 3 delicious dishes. After 3-4 days you will become more proficient and may even want to start up your own Thai restaurant.

Give it a try. Impress your friends and family with your new culinary skills when you return home.

Although we like Thai Kitchen Cookery School we have discovered another cooking school that has very much impressed us and our clients. Tours and cooking classes can be booked via...

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Thai food is fresh, delicous, healthy and very cheap. The popular saying is that "Thai people can make anything taste delicious" is certainly true.

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