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We are currently recommending 2 Thai cooking schools here in Chiang Mai. 

One of our pics is Thai Kitchen Cookery School in Chiang Mai that will teach you "hands on" how to cook delicious Thai foods and you can impress your friends with your newly acquired culinary skills. 

This is one of the best cooking school in Chiang Mai in terms of location, best cooking school in Chiang Mai in terms of value, and best cooking school in Chiang in terms of instruction methods and teacher's English proficiency. 

If you want to know our No. 1 pic just send us an email.. 

It has been said "that Thai's can cook anything and make it taste delicous."

Well after having lived in Thailand for more than 2 years I can attest to the above comment. I was never much one for eating rice and now I devour every last portion of food on every plate of food cooked or ordered. It isn't that all of a sudden I like plain rice or fried rice, it is because of the sauces that go along with the Thai dishes.

A seemingly plain fried vegetables and rice becomes a mouth watering dish with the right sauces added.

If you plan to visit Chiang Mai enrol into a Thai Cooking Class. The cost of the cooking courses is about $20 U.S. and for that they will pick you up from your hotel or residence, take you to the fresh market to show you how to pick out produce, show you how to cook at least 3 delicous dishes, and provide transportation back to your accommodations.

Thai Kitchen Cookery School

A free 70 page color cookbook is included in most cases which is worth more than the $ 20 U.S. for the cooking class and you also get an opportunity to eat what you have cooked. A truly pleasant and filling experience.

                                               Thai Spring Rolls - everyone's favorite

Thai vegetarian cooking is also an option for those people who are watching their waistlines. Our tour guide has a Thai cooking school tour which includes 3-4 days of cooking classes. After one day you will learn how to cook about 3 delicious dishes. After 3-4 days you will become more proficient and may even want to start up your own Thai restaurant. :)

                                                          Fried Noodles Thai Style

The photo's you see here on this web page are all from the cookbook which you will receive absolutely Free when you enrol in one of the cooking classes. As I mentioned earlier this cookbook of 70 pages in color with recipes for most popular Thai dishes and including Thai desserts is worth more than what they charge for their one day cooking class.

                                                      Prawn and Coconut Milk Soup

The reasons we are promoting Thai Kitchen Cookery School are because they are in a great location not out of town as some Chiang Mai cooking schools, secondly when I met with two of the instructors they were very polite and spoke very good English, thirdly because of the cookbook which is the best cooking book or recipes of ALL The Cooking Schools in Chiang Mai and lastly because the author of the cookbook and owner of the cooking school has many years of experience and was taught by members of the family who were excellent cooking intructors in their own right.

                                                    Stir Fried Chicken with Ginger

The second Best Cooking School in Chiang Mai is Thai Kitchen Cookery School and should definately be on your things to do list when you visit Chiang Mai and that applies to men as well as women. Just email us for our Top Choice of Cooking Schools in Chiang Mai.

Cooking School Tour Package offered by Chiangmai Group Tours 

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