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 the Jewel of Indochina
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Short and Long term accommodation in Chiang Mai 32in lcd tv, dvd player, kitchen, bathtub, balcony, wifi, great location, and reasonable priced ___>> Click on any photo to learn more

After hundreds of hours of research in Canada just before I came here to Chiang Mai to retire I reviewed all of the Chiang Mai accommodation options.

This included Chiang Mai serviced apartments, Chiang Mai condo's, Chiang Mai home rentals Chiang Mai guest houses and Chiang Mai hotels.

To make a long story short if you are new to Chiang Mai and coming here to stay long term then you will end up in condo which you will rent for a minimum term of 3 months, or you will stay in a serviced apartment on a monthly basis. After you get to know the city you may decide to rent a house. At that point in time you will have either a motor vehicle or a motorcyle for personal travel.

I decided on staying in a hotel for 3 weeks and then checking out the accommodations in person before I made my decision. Pictures can be deceiving and you have to see the accommodations in person or rely on someone who knows. So I checked out the accommodations which I viewed on the internet and some were as advertised and some "were not".

Location was great, price was good, it had everything from restaurant, entertainment, laundry, motorbike rental, pool, internet on site and in room, massage and spa, and that was all that I needed to convince me.

My selection was a serviced apartment. It was about 25 sq m in size with a small fridge and small tv. Although I was happy with my stay there I did spend more than I had to because I stayed in a hotel for 3 weeks and meals cost me more dining there and eating nearby.. in fact Much More.

In retrospect even after my research I really did have need of a service similar to what I provide now in terms of accommodations selections.

Someone who would recommend accommodations after checking them out in person and book these for me, or someone who had accommodations available that suited me. Keep in mind that many of the "Best Accommodations in Chiang Mai" do NOT HAVE functioning websites. I visited serviced apartments that looked ok and were booked "solid" - yes, in fact they had a waiting list. So I suppose if they are that busy that they do not really need a functioning website. At least that is what I make of it.

Now after living here for years I know the city well and I know what is a good place to stay and what isn't. If I had to make the decision now upon arrival I would stay in a condo that someone has checked out for me, and booked for me, and when I arrive I would want to go directly to the condo.

Why search around, why waste money on a hotel room that costs much more and offers less in terms of space, quiet, privacy, and facities. Most hotel rooms do not have balconies with nice views nor fridge and range in size from 25 sq m for standard to 30 sq m for deluxe. And a deluxe room in high season will run 1,400 baht to 2,000 baht/night.

So my first words of advice would be "NEVER STAY IN A HOTEL" when you come here to retire.
And as most of our clients are single gentlemen keep in mind that MOST HOTELS charge joiner fees for masseuse or g/f visiting your roomm. And the joiner fee can range from 600 to 800 baht.

You will therefore not have your g/f visit you in your hotel or you will pay a rip off "Joiner Fee". In contrast in a serviced apt you will have about 25 to 35 sq m of space and likely a small fridge. And althouth there will not be a joiner fee you will likely feel uncomfortable when you bring your Thai g/f by the lobby and to your room.
Thus the condo.. No Joiner Fee.. much larger 45 sq m to 92 sq m for our condo rentals, and they not only include fridge, but we stock it for you on your arrival, and we include transfers, and you will have a kitchenette with microwave and perhaps hotplates and also a balcony with a nice relaxing view.

So when you take into consider the larger space, the more amenities and most of our condo's now include lcd tv, dvd player, and surround sound, no joiner fee and that the condo will run about the same price as a small serviced apt. and much less than a small hotel room you can see for yourself why almost all of our clients go with a nice condo for their accommodations be it for 3 months or 12 month rental on arrival.

In a serviced apartment the tenants will more likely be staying there shorter term and tend to create more noise than someone who is living here long term. This is my personal observation.

Next I would say price. The condo will be lower priced than the serviced apartment. This applies to both small and large serviced apartments. Some of the serviced apartments get very pricey when you upgrade to a larger unit or suite.

You will be more likely to be able to cook in a condo versus a serviced apartment. Even a smaller condo could have hot plates, microwave and a sink whereas you will not see a kitchen or kitchenette available in serviced apartments until you move up to the suites which as I said are pricey are downright expensive for what you are getting. I am not much of a cook but now and then I get a craving for potato salad and I will cook up some items I particularly enjoy. Also it saves me money over dining in restaurants.
And another factor is that a condo is taken care of better than a hotel room. There are some hotels here with impressive lobby's but the rooms are old and rundown.

Just send us an e-mail with the date of arrival and departure, and a few details as to what you want and what budget we have to work with and we will offer you the best location, best equipped condo's that meet your budget and needs.

I did the best I could in terms of finding acommodations when I first arrived in Chiang Mai, and you can have better accommodations by working together with us for your accommodations needs.

And yes there are small houses for rent for as little as 3,500 baht/month. But these are 30-45 min. drive from Chiang Mai, unfurnished in a pasture with only a few houses, cattle grazing nearby and internet and cable tv are both unavailable.

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To get an idea of what the accommodations look like, how they are priced, what they include simpy click on the Real Estate banner on the left.

,br> We manage some condo's ourslelves and deal directly with the owners. Our clients often book what they like in advance to ensure they get what they like and want and they have it ready and waiting for them on their arrival. 

Obviously the longer you stay the better the price. Please note that the executive condo's are all in prime locations and several years ago we could only find 2 owners who would rent to us short term. Owners for the most part were insisting on 9 or 12 month terms.

We have condo's now that we can rent to our clients for 7 day minimum to yearly and also houses and other types of accommodations. At the outset we suggest that our clients stay in a condo as best to get to know the city first and as house rentals are on a yearly basis.

In fact we recommend a 6-9 month term at the outset and then after that you can go long term for a condo or even a house when you know the city and which location you would prefer.

And we recommend staying at a condo complex that has a nice sized pool and modern fitness center as well. One client thought of joining a health club outside the condo complex and when you checked out their fees, factored in cost of transportation and additional time to get there and back he quickly decided to book one of our condo's with modern fitness center on site.

A 9 or 12 month rental will get you the best rental price and more condo's available for viewing.

Book our 45 sq m exec condo or a 92 sq m 1 or 2 bedroom condo in advance for 6-9 month stay and you will pat yourself on the back later on for making the right decision.

Biggest and most modern fitness center in any condo complex in Chiang Mai.

Large swimming pool, 45 sq m executive condo.. this has been the "Top Choice"
of our clients

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