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There are only several places where I would go if I had a computer to be repaired properly, affordably and quickly in Chiang Mai. 

One is at the Central Mall near the north-east corner of the moat and I believe you have to go to the 4th or 5th floor to a store that sells and services computers and it is a large store. 

When I needed a new power supply I took my computer there and was told it would take 4 hr. to pick up the new power supply and do the installation. I told them if they could do it in 2 hr. that there would be a 200 baht tip and low and behold it was done in 2 hr. So I shopped in the mall and had a bite to eat and then picked up my computer. 

Another and preferred location is Pantip Plaza on Changklan rd.

Here you can get your computer fixed by small shops inside the mall or by a larger store which I would recommend and I believe that they are on the second floor. The prices are very reasonable and you can buy just about anything you would need in the mall from copies of cheap software, movies, computer parts and hardware. 

On the fourth floor there is a dining area where you buy tickets at a booth and select from the vendors offering different types of Thai cuisine.

I wrote the above comments several years ago and would now take my computer to a small Thai repair in order to save money on the repair and as I can find one closer to where I live. 

When I arrived in Chiang Mai my computer did not have the voltage switch altered and this caused the power supply to explode and I need to replace the power supply. 

I took the computer to a large mall and they quoted 600 for the power supply and installation and I told them I would pay 1,000 baht if they could get it done in 1 hr. instead of the 4 hr. they quoted me. 

Their quote was based on their now having that power supply in stock and it required someone going to pick up a new one and bring it to their store. 

In 1 hr. the computer had the power supply replaced and worked fine and I willingly paid the 1,000 baht .. 400 baht to service person. 

Now I have found several computer shops where they speak English well and where I have had my computer problems resolved quickly and even more affordably. Things like another power supply, virus, and computer cleaning.

So if you know your way around then you can find someone locally to fix your computer and otherwise go to Kad Suan Kaew mall or Pantip Plaza. 

The prices charged for repairs are downright cheap and the service is good. A larger computer outlet will have service personnel who speak English. 

Once you are in Chiang Mai and need computer repair, parts or virus removal or more.. 
phone 081 881 2491 and ask for Suphot .. they speak English.. they do great work .. reasonable fees.. and they will even visit you at your residence to get the problem resolved sooner. 

We know where you can get your computer repaired at your residence and that includes virus removal, or if you need to rent a laptop or have other computer related questions or concerns.

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