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For the best Chiang Mai Car Rental and best Chiang Mai Motorbike Rental send us an email with the arrival and departure dates and if you need car, van, motorbike or other and we will recommend our best value pick. 

There are a number or rental firms we deal with and their prices change throughout the year and each has "Specials" so rather than just recommend one rental firm we find that there are a few good ones here in Chiang Mai and you may as well try for the best deal when it is available.

photo's of Chiang Mai condo photo's of Chiang Mai condo photo's of Chiang Mai condo photo's of Chiang Mai condo

Before you rent a motor vehicle in Chiang Mai do yourself a favor and read over our Driving in Chiang Mai web page. Just click on the link below.

It will alert to driving habits of Chiang Mai residents and believe me when I say that driving here is not the same as in North America or in most foreign countries.

Driving in Chiang Mai

Thai drivers run red lights, jump green lights, pass down hill and uphill when they cannot see upcoming traffic and more..

Once you get used to it or know what to watch out for it becomes second nature and you know what to watch out for and expect. I thought I would never want to drive in Chiang Mai or be able to drive in Chiang Mai but after trying it out and knowing what to watch out for I was fine.

As to buying a car in Chiang Mai and insurance we have a web page to cover these topics as well.

Buying a Vehicle

Auto Insurance

Most vehicles on the road in Chiang Mai are motorbikes. I had never driven one or even been on one until I came to Chiang Mai. The automatic is a breeze to drive and you can drive all day and go where you want and do what you want for about $10 US for motorbike rental and fuel.

Just wear your helmet for safety reasons and because of the possibility of getting a ticket of about 200 baht for not wearing one. Often around 8 am and 5 pm.. rush hour in Chiang Mai the local police pull over motorbike drivers for not wearing helmets and car drivers for not wearing seat belts. Are they doing this out of consideration of your safety?? NO.

They do this as from what I have been told they receive 50% commission of the tickets issued. The police do not get paid that well so this is their chance to earn some extra money and they do this part very well.

Drivers can sped, run red lights, pass illegaly, jump green lights do just about anything they please and they will never get a ticket but when it comes to issuing tickets for helmets or seat belts the police are there IN MASS.

Recently we have heard from our friends that farang (foreigners) have been given tickets and Thai's not wearing helmets simply let pass the checkpoints. Appears that police are short of money and are doing all they can to earn more and they better realize that foreigners Hate this treatment.

They may be earning a bit extra income now but in future years there may not be any farangs to ticket as they may all be living elsewhere.

The tickets issued to for example a motorbike driver and also to the Passenger can amount to more than a days wages. FAIR?? Not in my opinion. 

The motorbike drivers are much better drivers than most Thai car drivers. I do not think that most Thai car drivers could do a three point turn or even park between 2 cars if they life depended on it. But they will speed and make up their own rules when it comes to driving. So if anyone deserves a ticket it is the Thai car driver. 

Getting back to car rental I think that you can save yourself some money IF you know your way around and know the THAI driving rules. Other than that best to use a red taxi or a tuk tuk if you can put up with their atrocious driving and propane fumes. 

So our recommendation for car rental and motorbike rental in Chiang Mai is..
>>> Email us with your needs and dates and we will forward you the best value rental firm.<<<< 

Remember that you drive on the left side of the road here, the steering wheel is on the opposite side of the car as what you have in North America and that most motor vehicles here are standards. 

Enjoy your stay in Chiang Mai and do not be afraid to driver here once you understand what to watch for. Most days the traffic is light and only rush hour around 8 am and 5 pm would we consider the traffic heavy or busy.

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