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If you want to do it "You Can Do It".

But our advice is.. Do it Right.

You can pay 12,000 Thai baht (about $360 US) to a website designer here in Chiang Mai to create a website for you and in only several days once you provided the photo's and content it will be done.

And that even includes hosting and domain annual fees of about 3,000 Thai baht.

The website will be done and you will likely have a website that brings you customers and business IF you advertise by way of leaflets, or in magazines or other methods.. OTHERWISE it is a waste of money if you stop there and if you think that is all there is to it.

Now I am not a website designer, nor am I a search engine optimization specialist, nor do I have a computer sciences degree.

I am an average Joe who has an idea of helping other retiree's to Retire Sooner and Retire on Less and to BE HAPPY.

And I am using a website to get my message to people who mistakenly think they need millions of dollars to retire.

To explain and show them how to live here comfortable, affordably and safely on less money than one would spend in North America during retirement and in honesty..

"MUCH LESS MONEY" as compared to their home countries.

Now I have several websites, one of which was created by a talented webdesigner and then I employed another web designer to add a few pages and then I thought I would try it on my own as I did not have the money to keep paying them to do the link exchanges and new page additions and changes which I was told and correctly so that.. "I Could Do on My Own".

And you know what???


The website comes up on Google page 1 searches for search terms pertaining to our website content and our services. In fact on hundreds of search terms the not only comes up on page 1 but it comes up near the top of page 1 on important search terms.

Now the reason I stress this point is that by doing well on Google searches and Google is the leading search engine.. We get Our Website Visitors and Clients "FOR FREE".

Remember how earlier on in this page I said you can have a website done for you and then PAY for website visitors and clients.. Well this is a "Better Way", and the way I suggest that you do it.

This way your costs per year are only hosting and domain name amounting to less than $90 US.

Here is a list of "Things To Do" in creating a website and also "How Long it Can Take" and "What it Can Cost".

Website design can vary from having a college kid do it, doing it yourself with assistance from a website service or having a professional webdesigner do the website and the fees here in Chiang Mai will vary from 3,000 Thai baht (not recommended) up to 9,000 Thai baht. and that is for a website without any fancy forums, or classified sections and just for a 6-8 page website with Home Page, Links Page, About Us page, Contact Us page, Services Page, Products/Services page.

Website hosting 2,400 Thai baht per year

Website domain name 500 Thai baht per year

TOTAL : 5,900 Thai baht to 11,900 Thai baht ($170 - $360 US)

Now if you think about it, the total cost of setting up a website is peanuts but if you do it this way without knowing what you are doing then you may as well "Throw Your Money in a Garbage Can".

Personally, I do not like having a business that I have to continually pay to promote and one that relies on advertising to get clients. Some forms of advertising "Work and some Do Not Work" and you have to pay your monies to find out.

I much prefer getting customers "FOR FREE". And especially "ONGOING" Customers for free.

To the above Total cost of $170-360 US add in the cost of professional help be it by way of a website that can help you create a website and also show you how to make it popular

How to Build a Website with Content Website Builder

You can create a website in 2 easy steps:
Fill-up a simple form, Click on a button and your website will be Ready!

click on banner above to find out how you too can create
"Your Own Website"


be prepared to do some of the work yourself with "Several Services" that can help you "Do The Things That Need to Be Done".

1/ You have the website created for about $170-360 US (about 8 page website)
Next you will find that the website designer likely did not register you with the Search Engines that count .. and that is "Google and Yahoo". I can recall a website designer telling someone that he had registered their new website with "Hundreds of Search Engines"... WOW!!!!!!

Only thing is .. the small Search Engines are almost meaningless as so few people use them and you "HAVE TO BE REGISTERED WITH GOOGLE AND YAHOO" and the "SOONER THE BETTER".

You can do that yourself or we can can show you how.

Keep in mind that it will take Google about 4-6 weeks+ to register your new website from the time you make the request. And what that means is.. Your website will not be in Google and if someone did a Google Search for.. "" NOTHING WILL COME UP.

2/ Register your new website with the main search engines and also search engines pertaining to your area be it Thailand, or other and your service type be it hotel, craft, tours or other.

3/ While you are waiting for the Search Engines to register and approve your new website you may as well do somework which will enable Yahoo and Google to place your website higher in the Search Rankings as soon as they do it approve it.

And this means "Link Exchanges".

When Google or Yahoo look at new websites they do not recognize the beautiful photo's in your website of beaches, crafts for sale, elephants or you and your girlfriend. So although visually appealing the photo's do nothing in terms of improving your website standing.

"Link Exchanges" DO MATTER and especially to Google. There are only several things that Search Engines can look at when judging your new website. One is CONTENT CONTENT CONTENT.. and this is the number of pages, size of your web page content, links to other web pages and websites.

The look at "Content" and they look at "Links".

And these are the things you have to keep in mind and work on.. the Sooner the Better.

When I was working on the Link Exchanges for the Retire site I spent hundreds of hours contacting other web sites and completing Link Request forms and actually kept track of "Each Submission" and how many were being approved.

And I also keep track of when the links were approved and where the link was located and the Google Ranking of that website.

After 6 months of boring and tedious work I had submitted over 3,000 link requests and received..

Just 300 Link Exchange approvals.

The average ranking of the websites that I had established links with was 4.3 which was Excellent and these websites were related sites providing information and services in similar areas to the Retire site and Tours site.

Now if you were to start a new website and not do any link exchanges then I would say take your money and put it in the Garbage Can.


If you are going to do your own link exchanges then you will likely be as frustrated by the results and find that alot of your time is being devoted to this and it is not producing the results you require.

Where it took me 6 months to get 300 approved link exchanges I can now do more than that in 5 days time. Good link exchanges with sites that I like and approved quickly with few rejections. The new websites we have created for our clients were rated Google 3 on first rating within 2 months and with over 400 link exchanges approved and in place and this was the major factor why we obtained such as favorable Google rating.

4/ When you have at least 200-400 approved link exchanges in place including links to Thai search engines and Thai sites then you can work on writing articles and even join some good forums to get your message across. This topic alone could fill a full page.

5/ Review the "Titles" of each page and "Description" and "Keywords". There are several FREE programs that will help you and will tell you the maximum number of characters that are allowed in the descriptions and number of times you are allowed to repeat keywords without being penalized.

6/ When all of the above is done and your website has finally been recognized and rated by Google then I would suggest taking several hours to go to Google search and key in search terms pertaining to your website content and services and see if your website is anywhere within the first few pages of results. Check out your competition and see where they stand and then make a list of your top competitors for your services and see where they stand in terms of links.

This is a good way of adding more links is to go to websites that are similar and see the link exchanges that they have approved and ask for a link exchange with the same websites.

This is the website that I go to for the information.

Key in the URL's of your competitors and then the code and then Generate Report. When the report is visible double click on the result .. on the actual number.. under Yahoo and Google and you will get a listing of each individual link.

"Link Exchanges" are the most important thing you can do to make your website do better in terms of Google searches.

When you have a new website many other websites do not want to link with your website because a new website has a Zero Rating and webmasters want to link with popular websites as if you link with all Google 0 sites then the average is 0 and looked at negatively by Google. On the other hand if your link exchanges average Google ranking 5 then that would be excellent and move your website up in the search results.

7/ With your website completed and recognized by the major search engines, and keywords re-done and descriptions optimized then you have to do more of the same. Best if you can add links on an ongoing basis, continue to submit more articles, do more forum promoting, add more content, and change some existing content so that the content is fresh.

8/ While building your website you will have registered with Google Adsense and added their banners on to your website. The banners will steer some of your website visitors to other websites but it will generate earnings for you. The earnings will be based on the number of visitors who visit your website and it will track the number of ads they click on and you will earn a few pennies up to a few dollars for each click.

You are allowed up to 6 Adsense ads per page and you will have to experiment with positioning and colors of your ads to see which gets the best response.

9/ Next you will want to register with websites that sell a product or service and become an "Affiliate". You would place ads promoting their website services to your website services and be paid for each paying customer you steer their way.

When you do this you have to watch out for the following ..

- you take the time and effort to locate the most effective products for your website visitors and clients and create banners and thoughtfully place and test them on your website and monitor their effectiveness and results ..

and then you find the product is no longer selling .. Why?

What happens is some Slimy Merchants find a way to Steal your referrals and Affiliate Income. One way is for them to offer a free chapter as a sample. Then they have your email address and sell you the product directly without your earning a penny in commission.

One such example is .. Your Thai Girl website ..

So our review of this Merchant is Stay Clear of him and his product.

If a Merchant cannot be honest in his dealings with his Affiliates who promote his product then I would seriously question the honesty of the content on his ebook.

Once you get used to copying code and pasting it on to your website then it is all very easy and simply takes a few hours to complete. And if your website becomes popular and gets a good volume of website visitors then you will be generate income from these Affiliations.

Be patient as it doesn't happen overnight.

We recommend websites as a source of income to retiree's as you only need a computer and some spare time. With the proper coaching and instuction you can create a good website and one that creates a lifelong source of income for you.

And as I said on an earlier page..

The first time you do anything you do not do things as "quickly" or as "well" but even after we have done what we thought was impossible and done it several times it is surprising "How easy it really is".

We can create a website for you here in Chiang Mai and even have it hosted here as the costs are lower than anywhere else that I have seen.

A complete website with link exchanges, and even translator, and a stat counter that will tell you how many visitors come to your website and detailed info about the visitors so that you know how they arrived at your website, what pages they viewed etc.

"We can create a COMPLETE WEBSITE for you
and one that GET'S RESULT'S - "GUARANTEED"

or you can create a website on your own. But remember that it took me over 6 months of work to get 298 link exchanges and now I can do that in less than a week. WHY? Because I learned how.

To learn more
Just e-mail -

and we will even send you a spreadsheet showing you how we fare in terms of Google searches for terms relating to our content and services.

We also cross link new websites with our websites and thus you get more links and good ones at that.

For less than $900 US we will create a website with "over 400 link exchanges", with a "Translator", with a "Stat Counter" and with cross links to our websites and a separate page on our Retire website promoting your website, promoting your services and recommending it to our clients.

A "Small Investment" that will generate thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars of income "For You".

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