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Bhutan -"High Trekking Mountain"

On the rooftop of the world, shoe-horned into the Grand Himalaya, Bhutan, the Thunder Dragon, is a fiercely independent kingdom with a unique and living culture offering one of the best tourist destinations for individuals who want a cultural tour combined with magnific
ent scenary, friendly local inhabitants and a unique and memorable vacation.

The Himalayas between India and China (Tibet), as big as Switzerland, but sparsely inhabited (Population barely 650,000), Bhutan certainly exudes charm.

The Mountains are magnificent, the forests are dense, the people are delightful, the air is pure, the architecture imposing, the religion exciting, the art superb.

The Himalayan ranges of varying altitudes, the unique flora and fauna, crystal clear streams & rivulets, the mighty all season rivers, unique traditions, dress, cultures, architecture, coupled with environment consciousness population, a highly religious Buddhist population, a unique monarchy in voluntary transition, and an economy based on sustainable development of natural resources has a lot to offer to the rest of the world. Bhutan is truly Shangri-la, a mythical country hidden deep in the mountains.

People from Northern part of Bhutan

So we are proud to offer tour packages to Bhutan for individuals who want something different for a change. The tour package detailed below is a cultural tour. You can also choose from other available tours which include: Trekking, Woman Tours, Buddhist Tours, Student Tours, Fishing Tours, and more...

Itineraries can be customized to suit your personal preferences. A sample 4 day and 3 night itinerary for a cultural tour is detailed below. Stay longer if you wish or combine this interesting and pleasant tour experience with a Chiang Mai, Thailand offering.

3 Nights/4 Days (Culture Tours)

Day 01: 
Arrive Paro (By Druk Air flight): (Paro Sightseeing):

Your Guides will receive you at the airport with Tashi Khadar and drive you the short distance to the hotel. After Tea, drive to Ta Dzong (built in1656 and renovated in 1968), an ancient watchtower, which now houses the National Museum. This unusual round building is said to be in the shape of a conch shell. 

                                                                   Bhutan- "Paro"

The centerpiece of this Museum is a complex four-sided carving depicting the history of Buddhism and its propagation. One side is Sakyamuni and the great teacher Atisha, representing the Sakya school. On the next is Geylup, a disciple of Dalai Lama. Another is Nyingma lineage, the head is Guru Padmasanva, and the final is Drukpa Kagyu with the figure of Vajra Dhara. Below the museum is the Paro Rimpung Dzong (literally meaning ?Heap of Jewels?, built in 1646 by Shabdrung Ngawang Namgyal, the centre of civil and religious authority in this valley.

Here you can see finest example of Bhutanese architecture. Enroute visit Kichu Lhakhang, built in 659 A.D by the Tibetan king Srongsen Gampo. This Monastery is one of the 108 monasteries built across the Himalayan region by the Tibetan King to subdue the Demoness that lay across the Himalayan region.

The rest of the monasteries lie in other neighboring countries. In the evening drive to the ruins of the Drukgyal Dzong, built in 1647 by the Great Shabdrung Ngawang Namgyal, father and unifier of medieval Bhutan, the dzong was destroyed by accidental fire and left in ruins as an evocative reminder of the great victories it was built to commemorate. Explore the ramparts and on a clear day experience an unforgettable view of Mt. Jhomolhari (7,314 m). Dinner and overnight in Hotel at Paro.

Day 02: Paro (Sightseeing) ? Thimphu(Sightseeing):

After early breakfast, Excursion to Taktsang Monastery. A very special day, with an excursion to view the spectacular Taktsang (Tiger's Nest) monastery - After breakfast a short drive takes us to Satsam Chorten, from there a 1 hr. walk till the viewpoint point of the monastery.

                                                    Bhutan- "Tiger Nest at Paro"

The trail climbs through beautiful pine forest, many of the trees festooned with Spanish moss, and an occasional grove of fluttering prayer flags. We stop for a rest and light refreshments at the Taktsang Jakhang (cafeteria) and then walk a short distance until we see, clearly and seemingly within reach, Taktsang monastery. The primary Lhakhang was built around Guru Rimpoche?s meditation cave in the 1684by the Penlop of Paro Gyaltse Tenzin Rabgay, this incredible monastery clings to the edge of a sheer rock cliff that plunges 900 meters into the valley below.

Legend has it that Guru Padmasambhava, the tantric mystic who brought Buddhism to Bhutan, flew here on the back of a flying tiger, Dorji Drolo, said to be his favourite consort.

                                                     Butan - "Memorial Chorten"

After lunch drive to Thimphu and visit the National Memorial Chorten (1974) built in honor of our late King Jigme Dorji Wangchuk, ?The Father of Modern Bhutan?. Built in a typical Tibetan style, there are numerous religious paintings and the complex tantric statues reflecting both the peaceful and wrathful aspects of Buddhist deities. This Chorten is also a center of worship for the people living in Thimphu.

Then visit to Dupthop Lhakhang one of the few surviving nunneries in Bhutan. Visit Changkha Monastery (This monastery was built in 15th century by the lama Phajo Drugom Zhipo) where the new born child of Thimphu valley are taken to receive 1st blessing from a High Lama.

Drive to Mini Zoo where Takin, the national animal of Bhutan can be seen. This particular animal is found only in the Himalayan region and the head of this animal looks like that of a goat and body of a cow/yak and before sun set drive to Sangay gang view point (2685 meters) t
o have view of whole Thimphu valley and walk through hundreds of colorful prayer flags that dot the hill over looking the Thimphu valley. Dinner and Overnight in Hotel at Thimphu.

Day 03: Thimphu (Sightseeing) ? Paro:

                                                       Butan - "High trekking Lake"

After breakfast, visit the National Library, stocked with ancient Buddhist manuscripts, and the Painting School where traditional art is still kept alive through instructions in the art of painting Thangkas (sacred Buddhist religious scrolls).We can visit in different class rooms, where different students follows a comprehensive course that starts with drawing and progresses through painting, wood and slate curving, and statue making.

Visit Traditional Medicine Institute where medicines are prepared according to ancient practices. 

After lunch visit Folk Heritage Museum and Handicraft Emporium for the shopping various Bhutanese arts and crafts. In the evening drive to Paro. Dinner and over night in Hotel at Paro.

Day 04: Departure:

Early breakfast, drive to Airport and farewell.

ENTRY/EXIT REQUIREMENTS: Independent travel is not permitted in Bhutan. Visitors are required to book travel through a registered tour operator in Bhutan. This may be done directly or through a travel agent abroad.

A passport and visa are required for entry into and exit from Bhutan. Visa applications are available from travel agencies. A recent photo is required. Travel agencies will usually arrange for a traveler?s entry visa and clearance.

The tour operator that we recommend will look after your tourist visa.

Total fee for 4 day3 night package: $ T.B.A. U.S./pp Single/Couple 

Total fee for 4 day/3 night package: $ T.B.A. U.S./pp Group size 3-10

Total fee for 4 day/3 night package: $ T.B.A. U.S./pp Group size 11+

The above Tariff covers 3 meals a day, accommodation on twin sharing basis, transportation within the country (Toyota Car/ Toyota Hiace Bus/ Toyota Coaster Bus depending upon the group size), Guide services, sightseeing, entrance fees for the Museums and Monuments & Royalty only. 

While on trek, we provide 3 meals, guide services, accommodation in tents, Sleeping tents, Dinning tent, Kitchen tent, Toilet tent, Shower tent, Sleeping mattress, cook, helper, Ponies/Yaks to carry the supplies only. The clients have to bring their sleeping bags. The clients while on trek will have to carry only their Camera. 

Not included in above cost are Druk Air fare, Visa fee USD. 20 per person, Tourism development fee USD. 10 per person, Air port tax USD. 15 per person, bar/internet bills and other client?s personal

* 50% due at time of booking and balance before arrival date.

We have itineraries for 5, 6, 8, 11, & 14 day packages and itineraries can be custom designed to meet your requirements and preferences. We organize Student Travel, Women Travel, Senior Travel, Cultural Tours, Trekking, Festival Tours, Buddhist Tour, Fishing trips and many others within Bhutan. 

This kingdom, in the midst of the Eastern Himalayas is in many ways the world?s most exclusive travel destination. Bhutan known is often referred to as "The Last Shangri-La". 

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It is very easy to book travel between Bangkok and Paro, Bhutan.

The reason it is easy to book is because there is only one airline allowed to fly in Bhutan and that is Druk Air. This airline has a spotless record and keeps it's planes in excellent condition.

To book your Air flight: Druk Air home page

The cost of the airfare is approximately 740 U.S. for an adult for a return tripo from Bangkok.

It is very easy to book travel between Bangkok and Chiang Mai.

You can either book an one hour air flight and we recommend Air Asia as they are efficient and the lowest cost carrier, or book a train and we suggest departing Bangkok in the morning and arriving in Chiang Mai in the evening. The choice is yours. A fast 1 hr. flight or a comfortable 13 hr. journey.

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Air Asia home page

The cost of the airfare is approximately 1,300 baht $37 U.S. each way and flights departing early in the morning or late in the evening are lower priced. Select English if that is your language and at the top left of Air Asia page select departure and return destinations and proceed to check availability and prices. Payment can be made on line and you will get your boarding pass at the Air Asia check in counter.

To book your Train trip: Click Here for
Connecxion - you can book train travel with them and they will deliver the tickets to your hotel in Bangkok 

The cost of the train fare is about 1/2 that of airfare or about $18 U.S. each way. This includes 2-3 meals, a snack and refreshments. A very comfortable a/c reclining seat is recommended on the express train. We suggest the 2nd class A/C for 611 baht or $17 US.- SP EX DRC Class 2 - #9 Departs 8:30 am and arrives 8:05 pm but don't count on it being on time.. maybe an hour late. 

When you have arrived in Chiang Mai we will look after you from that point until you are ready to leave for Bangkok.

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