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For the benefit of our website visitors and retire clients we have rated and listed the "Best Introduction Website in Thailand". In this day and age of everyone having their own computer and with many businesses having an online presence it makes it easier for people to shop on line even for Thai girlfriends, and Thai wives. 

Our rating is based on criteria which we fell is important such as length of time in business, services offered, cost of services, evaluation of website, and at times even response time to information requests. 

These days anyone can start up a website and what you will find is that the difference between the best Introduction website and the worst Introduction website is like night and day. 

Don't waste your time and go directly the best service providers and ones which are reasonable in terms of their service fee as well. 

Some of these services actually charges the Thai ladies a hefty fee for having them on the website and we are against this. And one such service has ladies who average 40+ yr. of age as a result. 

Only a few good Thai Introduction websites that we have come across and believe me when I say, we have viewed many of them.

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Best Dating and Introduction Service and they have Tours

In business many years, real ladies, fair prices for great service and excellent testimonials.


For anyone considering Thailand for a wife or gf keep in mind that nearby Cambodia is much much better.


Less financial risk, lower cost, better selection of ladies.

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Finding Girlfriend in Thailand versus Cambodia.. which is best?

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