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Thailand is in South East Asia. A country which borders Malaysia, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and which has a population of 62 million.

Known by many as "The Land Of Smiles" it is a popular tourist destination for millions of travelers worldwide. Most tourists arrive in Bangkok which is a busy metropolitan city with 10 million inhabitants.

After spen jmnding a few days here they move on to beach resorts such as Phuket or those seeking a less expensive holiday with more to see and do choose to come to Chiang Mai.

Chiang Mai is a province of 1.8 million inhabitants and a city of 180,000 inhabitants.

The city is very popular with tourists who flock here to see the hill tribe people, shop at the Night Bazaar where prices are negotiable and deals are waiting to be had, visit the numerous Buddhist temples or for retirement.

Yes, Chiang Mai has become the most popular retirement city in all of Asia.

With many golf courses to pick from, excellent food, low cost accommodations, and of course attractive, attentive Thai women for those who are so inclined, Chiang Mai has much to offer.

Chiang Mai is situated about 470 miles north-west of Bangkok.

A quick one hour trip from Bangkok by air, or a 13 hour relaxed journey from Bangkok by train. Nearby you will find elephant trekking, hill tribes, hot springs, National Parks, Chiang Mai zoo and much more.

Even though there are thousands of foreigners working here, living here or retired here it is still unknown to many people in North America.

Well for one that is living in Chiang Mai may I give you the facts.

I see it safer here than in North America. After having just returned from Canada I went to a bank on two occasions to find it closed with a sign saying it has just been robbed. While in a mall I witnessed on two occasions individuals attempting to rob the liquor store being apprehended by the authorities.

After living here for more than a year I have never witnessed a single crime. I have no hesitation in walking anywhere in the city.

There are many things to do here whether it be signing up for Thai cooking school, playing golf, snooker, 8 ball, or going swimming, movies or shopping at local malls, dining out, elephant trekking, and visiting temples, the famous Chiang Mai Zoo and much more. The food is delicious, inexpensive and healthy. There are many fruits grown locally year around which are a bargain compared to prices in North America. The Thai people are courteous, friendly, and speak enough English enabling one to get around without knowing how to speak Thai.

Granted it is not perfect but you know I cannot think of one place that is perfect. This is close enough for me.

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Article published by BootsnAll written by one of your hosts.

What to Bring Here

This is meant for both visitors coming here for short stays and also long term.

  • Bring extra shoes as the larger sizes are difficult to obtain.
  • Bring extra underwear if you are a man as again the larger sizes may be harder to find.
  • Bring shorts, sandals, casual clothing and leave the long sleeves and formal attire at home or give it away as I did before coming here.
  • Bring extra medication if you are staying longer term and if it doesn't expire quickly.
  • Bring a sheet of paper with a list of your credit cards, drivers license etc. that you keep in your wallet.
  • Bring several photocopies of you passport as it will be required when renting a car, or motorbike and on other occasions.
  • Bring your CD's, movies, even VCR's if you are coming here for a longer term.
  • Bring your prescriptions from your physician and get a fax number or email to contact them when you need a renewal faxed/e-mailed to you.

What Not to Bring Here

This is meant for both visitors coming here for short stays and those coming here to stay long term.

  • Do not bring your computer unless it is a laptop as a new computer can be purchased inexpensively here.
  • Do not bring your golf clubs unless you really intend to play regularly as you will pay a handsome fee as extra luggage when flying here.
  • Do not bring many clothes especially if they are casual clothing. Clothes are cheap here.
  • Do not even waste your time thinking of bringing your car, appliances or furniture here as the duty is prohibitive and it can be bought for less here.
  • Do not bring weapons, drugs or anything that is not allowed by law.

Make Money While You Live Here

Whether you have more money than you need or not I think it is a good idea to have something to keep you busy neck up.

The preferred occupation or pastime for foreigners coming here who want to earn money is teaching English. This can give you something to do, supplement your savings or pension, get you a work permit and with a teaching certificate course providers are often finding job placements and sometimes guaranteeing job placements for course graduates.

What we suggest to some retire clients is to create a website back home or even with a Website developer here in Chiang Mai.

Draft up the content and forward it on to the website developer. By the way there are many programmers here looking for work like this and the fee for website creation is lower than back home.

We will suggest a programmer to our clients who can also do the hosting and domain name registration for you. We show our clients how they can earn hundreds or thousands of dollars monthly by a website that may cost between $600 to $900 U.S. in total with hosting, and domain name registration included... and a good website that will get you results!!!

Create a website and then come here and earn money without working here legally. Now anyone can do it. I am in contact with a Senior who is in his 80's who sends me e-mails every few days and also to many others. E-mails to make you think, and mostly laugh.

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