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This page deals specifically with the Non-Immigrant Teaching & Education 'O Visa and the Non-Imigrant Work or Business 'B'" Visa. 


This Visa applies to those individuals who come to Thailand - to study, to come on a work study tour or observation tour , to participate in projects or seminars , to attend a conference or training course, to study as a foreign Buddhist monk 

Students seeking permission to study in Thailand should apply for ED visa (education visa) at least a month before their trip to Thailand. To get this visa you will need a valid passport that does not expire before the end of your intended stay in Thailand and a letter from the admissions department stating that you have registered as a student during the period you wish to be in Thailand. If you get the proper type of visa (ED visa) before coming to Thailand it will save a lot of trouble and money. 

The consular section advises individuals that this visa can be changed to a "Non Immigrant B" visa once employment is secured. 

If you have the multiple entry ED visa and you intend to study for only one term you will not have to deal with the Thai immigration authorities any more during your visit. This holds true even if you decide to visit another country at some time during your studies. 

Multiple Entry is a permit to enter and depart the country multiple times as long as the visa is still valid. We recommend that students consider acquiring a multiple entry visa if it is possible or likely that they will leave the country more than once during their studies. 

Whether you acquire a single entry or multiple entry permit be sure that you have once of these if you leave the country or else your ED visa will no longer be valid. You will have to reapply for a new ED visa at a Thai Embassy or Consulate outside of Thailand.



1. Thai Company sponsorship (2 million baht registered capital per foreigner) 
2. Employment of 4 Thai employees per foreigner 
3. VAT Certificate 
4. Withholding Tax 
5. Social Fund Withholding 

Non-Immigrant B Visa - To obtain a Non-immigrant B visa, you must go to the Thai Embassy in a country outside of Thailand, bring your passport, 2 passport size photographs of yourself and a pen to fill out the form. The form is basically the same exact form used for a 90 day Tourist Visa, but in this case you check the box for a Non-Immigrant B Visa. You will also need one more item, a letter from a company or business in Thailand that states that they want you to work there. 

If you started your own business in Thailand, and you are the Director of that business, you can write the letter yourself, requesting that you are needed for work in Thailand. It takes 1-2 working days to complete and costs about $45 U.S., it is very simple. 

Keep in mind, this will only get you a 3 month visa, which allows you to stay in Thailand for 3 months. It does NOT a work permit or authorizes you to work in Thailand. In order to obtain that, you must do that in Thailand after you already have a 3 month Non-immigrant B visa. 

Also, you cannot obtain a 1 year visa. You must first obtain the 3 month visa from outside of Thailand, and then once back in Thailand, you can obtain a Work Permit, and then with this permit, you can can request an extention of your visa for up to 1 year. The cost is about $45 U.S. for every 3 months. 

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Owning and operating a local small business, such as a bar, guesthouse or restaurant is frequently done by way of having a Thai partner be it friend, or wife who will front it. So if the Thai government decides some day to clamp down here they will see a large number of farangs move out of Thailand and take their assets with them. Condo prices will fall, businesses will be put up for sale or run by a Thai without adequate funding so the business will fall into a state of disrepair. If that should ever happen it will take a long time for farangs to come back here.

The term "work" is defined very broadly, covering both physical and mental activities, whether or not for wages or other remuneration. Working without a valid work permit even for a day is a criminal offense. Remember that unless you have a Work Permit you are not allowed to work in Thailand if you are a foreigner.

There are a list of things you have to do once you get your work permit such as carrying the work permit with him/her or keep it in the office during working hours to show to government officers any time, and about a dozen other rules and regulations that must be followed once once is in possession of a work permit.

Employers are not allowed to employ foreigners without a work permit and not allowed to permit foreigners to perform work other than that which is specified in his/her work permit, or to work under any other conditions than those specified in the work permit.

The process of obtaining a work permit can be time consuming and difficult and even costly even if you have someone helping you be it friends or a business.

Most people visiting Thailand are here on vacations and we have shown and explained the options that are available to them.

As to the other farangs in Thailand I would estimate that retirees make up the second largest group of foreigners in Thailand, and we have a separate page for "Retirement Visa".

Then we have business owners and teachers and separate pages have again been created to provide more information dealing with those topics as one page cannot cover all these types of visa's adequately.

We receive all types of requests for information dealing with Thailand visa's and we trust by creating the pages that we have on our website that we have been able to assist the majority of individuals who are considering vacationing in, visiting, retiring, or working in Thailand.

New rules for Thai visa's were put into effect Oct./06 and you should be aware of the changes and how it will affect your stay in Thailand or your planned retirement or vacations to Thailand. Our clients are advised of changes and also how it will impact them.

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