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Now I do not know how to speak Thai other than a few words and I therefore cannot communicate by email or understand written Thai language.

Chiang Mai is a tourist city and one does not need to know how to speak the language in order to retire here as many people speak some English and certainly enough to make themselves understood.

If you want to take a Thai language course we will offer the school that we recommend shortly to our website readers and for translations from English to Thai or Thai to English we recommend ThaiChitChat to all of our website visitors and our clients.

When a foreign male has started a relationship with a Thai lady by way of email or written communication it is important to get your message across accurately and promptly. The Thai lady is not interested in a prolonged written relationship and wants to decide quickly on a possible farang with whom she may have a serious relationship.

The foreigner (farang) wants to meet someone quickly and unfortunately some people do not realize that most Thai ladies that are interested in long term relationships speak Little or No English. Those that can communicate in English may be doing so with a help of a friend.

IF you think you have located a nice Thai lady and are communicating with her then show her you care but spending a few dollars on translating your message to her in Thai and asking for her message to be translated to you properly. If a friend is helping her it is hard to say if you are getting the real message.

The single most important thing that we see in bringing happiness to single males coming here to retire is a nice Thai girlfriend.

So why take a chance of not communicating properly and getting mixed messages if you really think you are interested in the person to whom you are corresponding.

Keep in mind that most Thai ladies do not speak English well or at all and that certainly applies to poorer hilltribe girls who would be interested in meeting a foreigner.

By forwarding your correspondence to her in Thai you make it easier for her and get your exact message across... and also you could be saving her some money if she is paying someone to translate on her behalf.

If you are interested in the girl then.. Do It Right.

Improve your odds of finding a Thai girlfriend quickly and one with whom you have corresponded Effectively.

The translation service can apply to a blooming relationship
it could apply to translation of documents.

If you consider either of these as important to you then try ThaiChitChat.

There are free translation websites but NONE that can translate Thai to English and English to Thai accurately that we know of.

And getting the message across properly reminds me of a story that I read in a book written by Ken Klein here in Thailand.

Ken writes about his first meeting a nice Thai lady and when they together for a short time he asked her..
Can you cook Thai?
to which she responded .. NO!!

Several weeks later he was with his Thai girlfriend in her home village and he noticed that not only did she know how to cook but that she was an excellent cook. So he asked her..

When I ask you if you can cook.. you say NO!! and now I see you are great cook.

And she replied..
When you ask me.. I was too busy.

Now I see that happening often here with Retire clients and their Thai g/f and it is an amusing story and one which happens to all of us here..

but for someone who meets a lovely Thai lady and is interested in her, you do not want this sort of misunderstanding.

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