Retire at Chiang Mai on 550 USD per month only

Two separate items to discuss here. One is using the internet while you are in Chiang Mai and using internet when you reside here long term.
While in Chiang Mai you will find internet facilities conveniently situated throughout the city. The prices are very reasonable. 

One of my favorites is Buddy's Internet. They have about 20 computers, you can make long distance calls from a private booth there, buy a CD or disc which you may need, buy some refreshments, and also rent motorbikes. I mention Buddy's because it is directly across from the Central Mall on Kad Suan Kaew Road and it is popular with the tourists. 

Note: There are two large malls in Chiang Mai. One is Kad Suan Kaew and known as Central Mall and the other is called Airport Mall. 

One is close to the airport and the other is near the north-west corner of the moat. This is one I am referring to. It can be confusing initially unless you specify which one. 

If you are bringing your laptop try to find an apartment or condo that has Hi-Speed internet connectivity in your room. They will markup the rate and it may end up costing you 500- 1,000 baht a month depending on the speed you select.

Most accommodations now have an internet facility on site. If you plan on living in a house you should check to see if they have internet, if not then ask if they have a telephone line. A telephone line will cost you about 1,000 baht to install and take 2-4 weeks. After installation you have to ask for internet installation. That will take another 1-2 weeks. You will have to decide on the speed and I for one believe in going with the cheapest package which now is about 750 baht for 2 mb. 

If you select a package with higher speed it may not result in getting you faster speed as I firmly believe that speed is governed by the number of users. You will likely experience higher speed for part of the day and when there are more users per line then you will see the speed slow down. Often this happens about 4-5 pm when people return from work and get on to their computers. 

Go on the internet at 4 in the morning and compare the speed versus 4 in the afternoon and you will notice a significant difference. 


TOT and other internet providers have added new routers and speeds have improved, prices have actually dropped and reliability is much better. At this time we are recommending TOT as from our research TOT are the best provider at this time. 

Wifi is common in most accommodations now. Only concerns are that it appears not to be as reliable or as secure as wired internet. Our clients who select accommodations for a year prefer to get wired internet in place. Just go to a TOT office and select the package (speed) you prefer and they will likely toss in free installation and router at half price. 

Internet still comes down to a choice of a few providers but it appears that they have gotten their act together as reliablity and speed have steadily improved while costs have come down.

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