Retire at Chiang Mai on 550 USD per month only

We are recommending Thai massage and Thai massage and spa providers to serve you, all in convenient locations in Chiang Mai. The services they provide include Thai Traditional massage, Thai oil massage, hot stone massage, aromatherapy, foot massage and other body treatments designed to cleanse and relax your body.

Simply e-mail us and tell us what type of massage your prefer and we will provide youwith our top massage provider recommendations.

If you want to try our outcall service. Just e-mail us at
and schedule an appointment for a masseuse to visit you at a time convenient for you.

Note: Many 4 and 5 ***** star hotels charge a Joiner Fee for massage and some do not even allow masseuses in your room so just ask your hotel before you book with them.

We have condo accommodations that are larger, better equipped and priced less than 4-5 star hotel rooms and simply ask us for photo's and prices for your next visit.

And for gentlemen who prefer a massage by a man there are Men's clubs catering to men such as The Blue's Club.

The Blue's Club
A Spa exclusively for men by men
The Blue's Club A refreshing relaxing and rejeuvenating time
Thai Traditional massage, aromatherapy oil/cream massage and body scrubs.
Indoor & Outdoor Service
Open 1 p.m. to 1 a.m. and simply phone 053 240968 for directions

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