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For the best hot stone massage and body treatment in Chiang Mai we are recommending Rarinjinda Wellness Spa & Resort.

SpaThe services they provide include Thai Traditional massage, Thai oil massage, hot stone massage, aromatherapy, foot massage , detox, wellness and other body treatments designed to cleanse and relax your body. A truly remakable location, lavish arrays of spa packages await the guests in bustling treatment rooms, villas and luxurious outdoor whilrpool baths. If you have worked hard and want feel you want the best then this is it. For anyone who is not accustomed to hot stone massage then here is some information which explains the process and benefits.

In hot stone therapy, different sized and shaped stones are heated to manipulate musculature and connective tissues. Hot stone therapy incorporates volcanic basalt stones heated to 130 degrees. Hot stone therapy promotes deep relaxation and restoration, but also goes far deeper by benefiting the primary systems of the body, by increasing the rate and amplitude of the vascular system, sedating the central nervous system, promoting lymph drainage and detoxification of cells, helping to reduce stress, increasing circulation and improving the body?s immune system.

Most people that arrive in Chiang Mai and seek massage normally receive a Thai traditional or Thai oil massage or Thai foot massage. You should try out hot stone massage as the benefits to your body are considerable and if you indeed obtain the benefits explained above then it will have been very worthwhile to try it and findind a non invasive way of improving the functioning of the body's systems.

There are only a few select establishments in Chiang Mai that offer Hot Stone Massage and FarinJinda Wellness Center has a select few that offer this form of treatment and others which you may find beneficial.

There are 35 boutigue style rooms on site with complimentary breakfast and hydro pool treatment.

35 Boutique Rooms on Site Click on photo to access websiteRarinJinda means "the stream of gems", also named in honouring of the famous Dr. Chinda Sinhanetre. His great achievements & dedications inspired Northern Thai People.

FarinJinda Wellness Center highlights the 140 - year old stylish teakwod house formerly owned by Dr. Chinda.

Now serving 9 personalized spa packages and 35 boutique hotel rooms, stylish Hydrotherapy pool, Vicy shower facilities, and chic Fitness roms include Yoga & Aerobics classes.

Accommodation in Chiang Mai

Authentic Thai themed villas and spa rooms boast the serenity of the place. Outdoor Herbal Steam roms & jacuzzis elegantly located at the soaring view of the city.

Luxurious premises Click on photo to access websiteNo wonder why spa-ing at the romantic patio overlooking the backdrop of Ping River naturally insired the wellness center.

More spas managed by Blooming Spa are located in Bangkok - 2 locations to serve you, Pattaya, Chiang Mai Pavilion and Phuket - 2 locations to serve you.

The newest offering is 1/2 Day Yoga Retreat. Including in this package are spa consultation, meditation & Yoga session, Rejuvenating Body Scrub & Aromatherapy Oil Massage and Spa Cuisine Healthy Dinner.

So there you have it RarinJinda Wellness Spa & Resort, the Finest Spa & Resort in all of Chiang Mai.

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